The developers at Ubisoft Massive release the full patch notes for tomorrow’s Update 1.2: Conflict for its third-person shooter Tom Clancy’s The Division.

After having revealed some of the forthcoming contents forĀ Tom Clancy’s The Division‘s Update 1.2: Conflict in a trailer last week, the action-MMO’s developers have now made good on its promise to put out the patch notes for the fresh materials just prior to the update’s launch. As many fans of the game are probably aware at this point thanks to Ubisoft Massive’s decision to eke out details for Update 1.2 over the past several days, The Division is set to receive a veritable bounty of goods in the way of a new Incursion, fresh gear, different activities, and lots more.

As far as The Division‘s most anticipated content is concerned, would-be Agents will soon be able to take part in the game’s Clear Sky Incursion, which is set in Columbus Circle, but it requires players to be at least level 30 in order to participate. This is due to the fact that the raid-like activity is designed for teams of four who happen to be equipped with high-end weapons and gear, meaning that enemies and certain tasks are intended to be a lot harder than usual.

On top of The Division‘s inclusion of fresh in-game content comes plenty of bug and glitch fixes like one that stops players from falling through the Brooklyn map. Plus, the patch also provides tweaks to gameplay features, such as an alteration coming into effect when a player reaches level 30 that will only pair them with other gamers at the level cap in matchmaking. Fans interested in seeing the third-person shooter’s Update 1.2 patch notes in full can find them over on the next page.


Once The Division‘s Update 1.2 releases on May 24, there will also be changes to the loot system, which is supposedly set to bring about a better selection in terms of quality and quantity in drops. Additionally, Ubisoft Massive developers are introducing stashes to Dark Zone checkpoints, as well as a new feature that allows fans to essentially “hijack” another player’s loot in the area by cutting the extraction rope, causing all the items to spill on the ground, and ultimately ruining other gamers’ attempts at getting the loot for themselves.

Furthermore, Update 1.2: Conflict’s gear sets have been detailed in full, offering fans four new loadouts called Final Measure, Hunter’s Faith, Lone Star, and Predator’s Mark. The portions for these different gear sets will be of great help while players take on The Division‘s activities like Search and Destroy missions and High-Value Targets.

For those unaware, May 24’s update for The Division marks the second of two major free updates, with a paid DLC schedule to follow, which will have expansion packs entitled Underground, Survival, and Last Stand. Ubisoft recently admitted that the title’s end-game content was lacking, so it remains to be seen as to whether or not tomorrow’s patch or future materials will entice fans enough to keep playing, or bring back the sizable PC player base drop of a whopping 81% who left The Division on the platform since its launch in March.

Tom Clancy’s The Division is out now and is available for PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.

Source: Ubisoft

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