Disney Universe was announced at this year’s E3 and seeks to bring a fun and accessible game to players of all ages. A key feature of the title is the ability to dress up as one of over 40 beloved characters from both Disney and Pixar films. In conjunction with the 42nd anniversary of humans walking on the moon, Disney Interactive Studios has released a trailer and set of screenshots that highlight the space-themed world of Wall-E.

Disney Universe is reminiscent of the successful series of LEGO games, yet instead of focusing on one piece of source material at a time, Disney has decided to include everybody together in one world. The game allows players to dress up as a variety of different personalities and play through missions cooperatively with up to four players. All characters will control the same way regardless of costume choice, but weapons may vary between characters.

The main audience will obviously be younger gamers, but Disney Interactive is hoping to create a solid experience that will appeal to older players as well. The LEGO video game franchise is proof that “simple” games can be fun and enjoyed by all.

To get a better feel for the game, check out the new trailer titled ‘Episode 1: Wall.E World.’


Right from the get-go, the carefree and fun atmosphere of the game is obvious. Aside from the lighthearted attitude, the trailer also shows off a competitive element to the game that allows groups of players to compete against each other during missions — a feature sure to add an extra bit of excitement.

The characters’ antics are sure to entertain kids and the multiplayer focus is a great way to approach a title like this, showing serious potential of becoming a hit with young kids and groups of friends.

Check out the gallery of Wall-E related costumes and levels below:

Overall, Disney Universe seems like a guaranteed hit with younger Disney fans, but time will tell if the light-hearted platformer translates to older players as well.

What are your thoughts on Disney Universe? Will it be more than just a kid’s game?

Fans of Disney and Pixar can “Suit up. Team up. Mash up” when Disney Universe launches later this fall on Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, PC, and Mac.