Of all of the potential places that the title “Seal Team Six” could have gone, right beside a cartoon mouse was not at the top of the list. After hearing of the operative team responsible for the death of terrorist leader Osama bin Laden in Pakistan earlier this month, game developers, publishers, and producers began to scramble for the rights to the designated team name, with a surprise company coming out on top.

On May 3, Disney Enterprises — the men and women behind all things Mickey and Mouse — filed with the U.S. Patent and Trademark office, stating their intention to use the title “Seal Team Six” for a number of projects, including games. Clothing, toys, and Christmas stockings are listed as other potential “Seal Team Six” products.

What makes this so interesting is that a number of other game publishers, such as Activision and Electronic Arts, already have IPs that are set up to handle the intensity and fervor that comes with a name like “Seal Team Six.” It’s almost a wonder that Disney would be so interested in picking it up. Not only that, but Disney’s desire to spread the future brand on items such as t-shirts and Christmas stockings seems misplaced, and unfortunately more like a cash game.

It would potentially be different if Disney had a strong gaming force to contend with, yet with Disney Interactive losing over 800 employees in nearly six months (even after two successful IP releases with Epic Mickey and Split/Second), that may not even be true. Running on a ghost crew, or bringing in an outside developer, it may be difficult for Disney to deliver a game that would do justice to the name.

Does Disney deserve the trademark to the title, or should it have gone off to another company, if any? Even still, what should really be done with “Seal Team Six?” Sound off and let us know what you think, though given the sensitivity of the topic, we ask that you be respectful of our international readers, and be considerate.

Source: Forbes