After weeks of speculation, Disney Infinity 2.0: Marvel Super Heroes has been officially announced. Now that the new lineup of characters has been (at least partially) revealed and the game’s new features have been outlined, Marvel and Disney fans just have to wait until autumn to get their hands on the expansion to the hybrid toy/gaming platform. During the coming months, eager players and collector will also need to decide which of the many compatible platforms they will want to use to play the game. The developers may make it hard to resist moving over to the newly available PS4 and Xbox One options.

Infinity 2.0 will be available on all of the previously compatible platforms, but also throws the new high-powered Sony and Microsoft consoles into the pool of options. Although veteran gamers may have the instinct to keep their adventures going on whichever console they started with, the newly harnessed power of the most current consoles will raise the quality and power of the game if they make the switch – Not to mention, all of the figures, bases, power discs and saved content is all compatible with the newer version of the game

The game’s executive producer, John Vignocchi, spoke to Polygon about the new improvements available thanks to the PS4 and Xbox One…

“In terms of what we’re doing with [PS4 and Xbox One], we’re planning on making use of the graphical prowess of those machines – they can pump out some amazing-looking graphics… In addition to that, what we’re planning on doing is taking advantage of the overall memory footprint. In Disney Infinity there were certain platforms that were constrained by the amount of RAM, so people couldn’t truly build the toy box of their dreams. We’ve optimized the engine to allow the last-gen, PS3 and 360, to still build compelling Toy Box levels, but with Xbox One and PS4, the sky’s the limit.”

Avenger Thor 1

Thor Lightning Attack

Depending on the degree of the improvements to the graphics – if they even can be significantly upgraded given how simple the are – the aesthetic appeal alone may be enough motivation for some gamers to make the switch to a new platform for their future Infinity adventures. Even players who aren’t impressed by a fresh coat of paint will likely be tempted by the more powerful building capabilities though. It’s good to see that improvements were made to the PS3 and Xbox 360 engines as well, but if the sky is truly the limit in the PS4 and Xbox sandbox space, then that will be hard for the creative fans to turn down.

The introduction of a larger starting Play Set and more opportunities for characters to explore the worlds via flight, wall climbing, and hover cars make it seem like players will really be able to use the newly souped-up building engine to take advantage of 2.0’s most exciting new features. The fact that Power Discs, figures, and bases are all cross-platform compatible will make the switch a fairly painless process for players who have already acquired a collection of Disney characters during the last year.

Vignocchi also reiterated that Infinity 2.0 is not a game inspired solely by Marvel Studios films. The Disney Infinity: Marvel Super Heroes trailer revealed Spider-Man and MODOK, so we already knew that was the case, but the producer wanted to make fans are aware that the team plans to bring in a range of superheroes and villains from the Marvel Comics universe, many of whom have yet to be featured in films.

Will you make the switch to a next-gen console for Disney Infinity 2.0? What other heroes and villains do you hope are revealed before the expansion launches this fall? Let us know in the comments.


Disney Infinity 2.0: Marvel Super Heroes will arrive this fall.

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Source: Polygon