Ever since Disney Infinity first made its debut back in January, dedicated fans and gamers alike have been pretty high on the game’s premise. Uniting classic and modern Disney heroes and villains for the first time in a world that’s only limited by the player’s imagination sounds great, and the added thrill of buying toys that transfer well-known characters into the actual game will sound all too appealing for avid collectors — if not overly reminiscent of Activision’s Skylanders franchise.

While the biggest drawback to Disney Infinity is without a doubt the cost of the actual figurines (which ring in at $12.99 apiece), the promise of the game’s Toy Box mode makes the toys, and title itself, appear more than worth the price of admission. Allowing users to build, explore, and goof around with friends, Toy Box mode lives up to its name in nearly every fashion, and the latest trailer does a good job at showing consumers that the sky literally is the limit when they open up the nifty game mode.

Disney Infinity Screenshots Toy Box Mode

Bringing together some fan-favorite Disney characters for the first time ever will be reason enough for many to pick up Disney Infinity at launch, but Toy Box mode will be the go-to gameplay option after (and maybe even before) players have put the various unlockable story modes to rest. Toy Box is the reason why the game has ‘Infinity’ in its title, because there are an infinite number of things that gamers can do — provided they’re willing to fork over the cash for additional characters and content.

If the final product offers anything remotely similar to Toy Story 3‘s Toy Box mode, and it’s obvious that the team at Avalanche Software has taken that concept and run with it, then fans will be in for a treat. Whether consumers choose to partake in the Cars Play Set or venture through Toy Box mode as Wreck-It Ralph, there are plenty of recognizable faces to trek through the game as, and it’ll be interesting to see which characters garner the most popularity.

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Disney Infinity will be available on Xbox 360, PS3, Wii, Wii U, 3DS, and PC this August.