‘Disney Infinity’ Teases Marvel Expansion As ‘Captain America 2’ Dominates The Box Office

By | 3 years ago 

When Disney Infinity became a reality, building off the successful toy tie-in model that Activision sees so much success with from the Skylanders franchise, most of us were more excited about the future potential of the franchise than what the game shipped with at launch. Sure, there’s fun to be had in the realms of The Incredibles, Pirates of The Caribbean and Cars, etc., but what we really want is to see Disney’s two largest acquisitions in the last decade realized in the game.

We’re of course referring to Marvel Entertainment and Lucasfilm. Bring on The Avengers and Star Wars games! They were obligatory, no-brainer additions in development for Disney Infinity – it’s only ever been a question of when such expansions could be added. For Disney, that means timing releases to coincide with the buzz surrounding other facets of the business.

This week, that means it’s all about Captain America: The Winter Soldier, the first Marvel-branded film of 2014 which just released in North America this weekend to record-breaking numbers. Timed with the movie release, the games division offered the above teaser trailer for a Marvel expansion for Disney Infinity. And of course, the teaser is all about Captain America’s iconic shield.

We can only hope that there is Spider-Man, X-Men and Guardians of the Galaxy content coming near the releases of those films throughout the year as well. The Marvel franchise in and of itself, with thousands of comics, multiple realms, and decades and decades worth of stories, can make for its own Infinity-esque title that would last years and years so we’re curious what the game will include.

Disney Infinity Marvel Teaser Captain America Shield

No details on the Marvel content have been released yet.

As for Star Wars, Screen Rant reports that the film has already secretly begun shooting for its fall 2015 release. Expect Star Wars-related expansions for Disney Infinity to come alongside the marketing of Star Wars: Episode VII. Can the simplified gameplay mechanics of Disney Infinity offer a worthwhile Marvel video game experience for a brand that’s continually failed to deliver triple-A gameplay and quality?

Note the mention of Disney Infinity 2.0, as if the game’s getting a sequel, or at least a major update. For us, Disney Infinity was too restrictive and got real boring real quick – so we hope they use Marvel right to take advantage of the true potential of the title.

What Disney character or setting would you like to see most in Disney Infinity?


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