[Update: Find out the new gameplay and construction features for Disney Infinity 2.0 here!]

It’s been no surprise that the hybrid toy/video game franchise Disney Infinity had big plans for the Marvel universe since news started to leak a few weeks back, but today comic and gaming fans finally got the official news. When the Disney Infinity press conference kicked off with Nick Fury (Samuel L. Jackson in character) introducing Agent Coulson, it was a pretty good sign that things were official.

Gregg, in-character as Coulson, made a few jokes on-stage before passing the mic off to Disney’s James Pitaro who delivered the official announcement. After a few minutes of outlining Infinity’s history, achievements, and future goals; Pitaro confirmed that Disney Infinity: Marvel Super Heroes will be arriving this fall. A trailer followed that included some faces we were all expecting, but ended with a few amazing surprise appearances…

The trailer started off with Cap’s shield (which we had already seen in the first preview), but went on to confirm the full Marvel film universe lineup of The Avengers. Captain America, Iron Man, Thor, Hulk, Black Widow, Hawkeye, and even Nick Fury all make an appearance. The Avengers bounce around the sandbox world doing their hero thing for a bit before the other characters show up towards the end of the gameplay footage.

Guardians Disney Infinity

The Avengers square off against not only Loki (the Avengers film villain who seemed like a logical inclusion), but long-time comics villain MODOK seems to have teamed up with Thor’s half-brother. MODOK, being a floating head, may seem fairly out-of-place in the semi-grounded Marvel film universe, but he fits right into the ridiculous world of Disney Infinity.

When the villains arrive, reinforcements show up in the form of Spider-Man and a few of the Guardians of the Galaxy. We don’t get to see the wall crawler, Rocket, or Groot on screen for very long, but their inclusion is certain to draw in some of the more hesitant Marvel fans who needed an extra push to commit to the Disney Infinity platform.

After the trailer, Marvel Comics editor-in-chief Joe Quesada and writer Brian Michael Bendis hopped on stage to talk about the comic company’s collaboration with Disney. In addition to discussing the synergy between brands, the two also brought a few of the figures on stage…

Disney Infinity Figures

The new characters are likely to allow Disney Infinity to tap into an additional demographic, but we still need to see some improvements in gameplay and features before we estimate just how much longevity the unique platform has left.

The game launches with the six main characters of The Avengers but there are a dozen more already on the way. Players of the first Disney Infinity will be able to utilize all of their characters, power discs, bases and Toy Box content in 2.0 – everything works back and forth, and the game is also finally coming to the PS4 and Xbox One.

No price or specific release dates were confirmed yet, but check back for updates as the story continues to break.

[Update: Find out the new gameplay and construction features for Disney Infinity 2.0 here!]


Disney Infinity will arrive this fall.

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