‘Disney Infinity’ Highlights 10 New Toy Boxes; ‘BioShock Infinite’ Map Featured

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Disney Infinity finally hit last month to the joy of children (and some adults) everywhere – and to the despair of parents’ wallets. The game involves players collecting physical toys that are then translated into avatars and playsets in a digital space. It is an ingenious design that takes the core implementation of Skylanders while adding it with the creativity and imagination of Minecraft, all supported by Disney’s  massive umbrella of brand licenses. Disney has plans to periodically release more characters and worlds from properties such as Disney classics to Marvel and Star Wars. Infinity is more than just a game (almost its own platform) that has a potential cycle of several years – which it may need to recoup its expensive development).

The game features themed pre-designed playsets based on existing Disney properties, but also gives players the chance to design their own worlds in Toy Box mode. The possibilities are only limited by a player’s imagination and ingenuity and the community has no doubt already gotten busy trying to make an incredible array of levels.

As part of their plans, The House of Mouse will feature Toy Boxes for users to download and play around in, both giving them reason to keep playing the title, as well as showing off how robust the creation tools are in the Toy Box mode.

From 2D side scrollers, to Aladdin based race tracks, to wrestling rings and Star Wars style trench runs, Disney has featured 10 Toy Boxes for users to explore and enjoy:

  • Cave of Wonders Race
  • Super Sidescroll
  • ESPN Speedway
  • Hot Lava
  • Wrestling Arena
  • Toy Columbia
  • Sky Gauntlet
  • Jungle Cruise
  • Trench Run
  • Blue Breakout

However, there is something rather odd about one of the newest featured Toy Boxes. Amongst sets called Jungle Cruise and Sky Gaunlet is a map called Toy Columbia. This is exactly what you think it is – Disney has featured a map based on Comstock’s city in the sky.

Check it out in the video below:

This is odd for two reasons. First off, it is a stretch to think that there is a massive cross-over fanbase between BioShock Infinite and Disney Infinity, and secondly, Disney seem to be using imagery and names from an IP that it doesn’t own. Still, there’s little doubt that for any older players that enjoyed the latest BioShock title, this featured map could cause them to give Infinity a second look.

It’s unlikely that Irrational Games will be upset at the Disney promotion – since it also puts a spotlight on their title again. However, it’s a slippery slope – especially if the map was put together from within Disney – since Irrational Games isn’t likely to see any money from the Mouse House. Still, there are undoubtedly hundreds of user created Toy Boxes already being shared based on trademarked IPs in the Disney Infinity community – which is inevitable in a space that gives players resources to craft what they want.


Disney Infinity is available now on 3DS, PC, PlayStation 3, Wii, Wii U and Xbox 360.

Source: Disney Infinity