Report: ‘Disney Infinity 2.0’ Arrives This Summer With Marvel Characters

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With Captain America: The Winter Soldier still dominating the box office a few weeks after its release and crossing the half-a-billion milestone, the Marvel craze is in full effect. Disney wisely choose to feed off of the current Marvel hype this week by teasing an upcoming ‘Marvel-ous’ expansion for the Disney Infinity toy-based sandbox game. More details will be officially revealed on April 30 during a special event to unveil the game/expansion, but it looks like some intel may have already leaked out ahead of schedule…

D23, Disney’s official Fan Club website, posted an image about Disney Infinity yesterday that revealed a few details about an upcoming product called Disney Infinity 2.0. Apparently, the page went live earlier than it should have and has since been removed. Thanks to a screen shot snapped by Infinity Inquirer, we are still able to check out the details from the short-lived announcement.

Along with the confirmation that the expansion would be a team-up with Marvel, the solicitation also reveals that Disney Infinity 2.0 is aiming for an August 2014 release. The post – along with the entirety of the Disney Infinity section – was removed from D23 in a hurry, but this seems about as close to a confirmation as we’re going to get before the official announcement arrives on April 30.

Disney Infinity 2 Screenshot

Unless there is another trailer on the way, it seems likely that the teaser mentioned in the post is the same one released last week, which unleashed Captain America on the sandbox toy universe. We’ll likely get more details about price and which other characters will be making an appearance at the end of the month.

If Disney Infinity plans to stand out from Skylanders and other similar niche toy/gaming products, frequent updates and expansions capitalizing on the many popular franchise characters the company has rights to seems like a great strategy. With Marvel and Star Wars on Disney’s roster, in addition to the giant catalog of untapped Disney/Pixar characters that haven’t appeared in the game yet, Infinity should have more than enough material to draw on for future add-0ns to the game.

Despite the seemingly endless potential for expansion material, Disney Interactive’s sharp drop in profits over the course of the last year led to layoffs in the games and internet division and plans to scale back on annual game output. With those setbacks in mind, it’s unclear how that affects the number of releases of expansion packs per year. Hopefully, there are lots of new characters and maps in 2.0, so that players can get enough new material to hold them over until the next add-on content arrives. And more importantly, we hope the gameplay gets a little more complex and innovative.

Will the addition of Marvel characters make you any more likely to check out Disney Infinity? Let us know in the comments.


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Source: D23