10 Disney Games You Didn't Know Were Made By Capcom

What do Mega Man, Ryu, and Jill Valentine have in common with Mickey Mouse, Darkwing Duck, and Aladdin? The answer: they're all-stars of great games made by Capcom. There was a time in the annals of video games when Capcom joined forces with Disney to create some awesome licensed video games.

Traditionally, licensed property video games have always been hit or miss, but, with these titles, the two companies knocked it out of the park. With colorful adventures featuring our favorite animated characters accompanied by unique and interesting gameplay, there's a lot to love. Here is our list of Disney and Capcom's ten greatest video games.

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10 Adventures in the Magic Kingdom

This game for the original NES has a bit of a bad reputation due to some flawed mechanics and difficulty, but we're here to cut it some slack and give it a second chance. One of the first Disney video games ever created, Adventures in the Magic Kingdom puts the player in an 8-bit version of the theme park for a day of fun with Mickey and company.

Though it's basically a series of minigames inspired by Magic Kingdom attractions, there's still something to be said for this first attempt. Flawed, yes, but what early games aren't? We still say it's worth at least a try.

9 Talespin

Inspired by the Disney Afternoon show of the same name, Talespin for the NES was an alternative type of shoot-em-up with planes, pirates, and high-flying adventure. The twist was that, not only could your plane shoot projectiles diagonally, but you could change the screen directions at will. It might seem minor, but it was a game-changer.

It's not perfect, but the Talespin game is definitely noteworthy in Disney's game library. The controls can be stiff at times, and it's got that vintage game difficulty, but we still had to put it on our list.

8 Darkwing Duck

When you're working with the creators of Mega Manthere might be an element or two of the Blue Bomber mixed into your action games. Considered by some as Disney's attempt at a Mega Man clone, Darkwing Duck for NES is a little stiff and unpolished, but still an action-packed platform game worth your attention.

Hosting some pretty impressive graphics for an NES title, Darkwing Duck puts the titular superhero against bad guys like Bushroot, Quacker Jack, and Steel Beak. Armed with his cape and gas gun, it's up to Darkwing to save the city a la Gunstar Heroes. Definitely an NES gem.

7 Goof Troop

Would you believe that the director behind the Goof Troop video game is responsible for giving us the Resident Evil series? This couch-co-op classic is one of the first games created by the legendary Shinji Mikami, and it's an underrated gem that needs more attention. Players can play as Goofy or his son Max in this action-puzzle adventure.

Solve puzzles, bash the pirates, collect the points, it's as simple as that. What better pair to give a game to than Goofy and Max, right? Now we're just waiting for Mikami to give us a sequel where they fight off a zombie hoard at the Magic Kingdom.

6 The Magical Quest Series

Disney's Magical Quest is a series of platforming games that feature Mickey Mouse in the starring role and are some of the mouse's wackiest adventures on the home console. Next, to titles like Castle of Illusion, they are some of the sharpest games to have ever featured the character.

The games see Mickey, occasionally assisted by Donald Duck or Minnie, take on Pete and his batch of baddies as he explores a magical world. Armed with a collection of costumes, Mickey uses his wits and powerups to take on whatever stops his path. Simple, fun, and easy to play, we hope it gets a remaster in the near future.

5 Chip and Dale Rescue Rangers

Speaking of games that are simple but fun, let's take a jump back over to the NES. It's an easy platformer, but one of the best co-op experiences the system has to offer. Simple but satisfying gameplay with moderate challenge puts Chip and Dale against the forces of evil and an army of mechanical monstrosities.

Fling apples, crates, and other objects at enemies and bosses on this quest to save Gadget from the clutches of Fat Cat. It's a great game to play with a friend, but the single-player mode has just as much adventure. Definitely rescue this game from obscurity by giving it a try.

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4 Aladdin

Though the Genesis version has a much better art style and different gameplay, the SNES version is definitely one of Capcom's greatest action platformers. Essentially following the plot of the animated feature, the player takes up the mantel of Aladdin on a quest to retrieve the lamp and save Jasmine from the coils of Jafar.

This game not only has some of the best platforming on the system, but some of the best 16-bit Disney tunes ever encoded into a game. So, come down, stop on by, come give this game a try if you want an Arabian night.

3 The Nightmare Before Christmas: Oogie's Revenge

What's this? What's this? A video game sequel to the Tim Burton holiday classic? Thank you, Capcom! In Oogie's Revenge, Jack Skellington must save the Holiday Worlds from Oogie Boogie and his monster minions. It's a fun, action-packed romp through the imagination of Tim Burton that any fan of the movie would adore.

Not only is it considered a sequel to the original film, but it features a few of the original cast reprising their roles, including Chris Sarandon and Ken Page as Jack and Oogie respectively. So good it's scary, it's a Ps2 gem no one should miss.

2 Ducktales

Ducktales (woohoo!) for the NES is the game all licensed property games should strive to be. It's one of the most beloved platformers ever introduced to a home console. With tight controls, crisp visuals, and a catchy soundtrack, there is definitely a lot to love about this title.

The game features Scrooge McDuck going around the world and even to outer space on a quest to become the richest duck in the world. He bashes baddies and uncovers gems to add to his already handsome stash of wealth. Essentially, just another day in the life of our favorite money-hungry mallard.

1 Ducktales: Remastered

You cannot imitate perfection, but this Disney title shows that it can, in fact, be improved. Ducktales: Remastered is much more than a remake of a classic title, it's practically a new game built from the ground up.

The game features new updated visuals, a smoother gameplay experience, and the return of the original voice cast of the famous 90s cartoon series reprising their roles. It's enough to send us into Disney overload! Even after playing the original and the remaster side by side, we can attest to the fact that it's a whole new experience.

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