Newest Epic Mickey Trailer Paints Best Picture Yet

Disney Epic Mickey New Trailer Paints Best Picture Yet

From his humble beginnings as a nameless mouse in Walt Disney’s drawings to one of the most iconic fictional characters of all time Mickey Mouse certainly has come a long way. Venturing into every aspect of the entertainment world, Mickey proved that the Disney brand could sell titles based on Mickey alone no matter if it's in video games or movies.

Epic Mickey is on its way to not only prove that the mouse has still got it, but that a compelling and inventive game can be made starring the gloved one. The newest trailer for the game sets the intensity meter to 10 and runs through all the elements of the game.

The paint and thinner mechanic that allows Mickey to add or eliminate elements of the worlds he encounters on his adventure is one of the more unique ideas to come to gaming in some time. As Mickey encounters various platforming puzzles, the gamer will be tasked with deciding the best approach. Some obstacles require that Mickey do away with an object in order to progress, such as an item blocking a gear's rotation, while others have him creating bridges from nowhere in order to cross a chasm.


After our hands-on with the game, we couldn’t be more excited for what Junction Point Studios has in store for gamers. While it isn’t exactly the Epic Mickey we were promised, the Wii-centric gameplay has a lot of quirks to appeal to both the casual and more hardcore markets. It might not be the game that is for everyone, especially with a pants wearing mouse as its protagonist but those who give it a chance should find a lot to enjoy. Disney certainly wants to show gamers that this game isn’t just about the nostalgia factor but incorporates classic platforming puzzles. Now I’m going to watch some old Bob Ross and wait for Epic Mickey.

Where do you fall in the spectrum of responses to Epic Mickey? Do you admire its platforming creativity or do you see it as too childish for you to play?

Disney Epic Mickey releases November 25th on the Wii.

Source: CVG

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