Disney Classic: Aladdin and Lion King - Where to Pre-Order

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Not too long ago, Disney revealed that it would be remastering its classic platformers, Aladdin and The Lion King. Each remaster includes the various versions of each game, ranging from the Game Boy to the Genesis, but it's worth highlighting that Aladdin will not include its SNES version. While those invested in the debate over which is better may be disappointed, that doesn't really hurt the hype surrounding the upcoming remasters.

Alongside Disney's initial announcement, it was revealed that pre-orders for Aladdin and The Lion King are already available at a multitude of retailers, namely Amazon, GameStop, and Best Buy. This means those excited for the upcoming titles can already lock them at the reasonable price of $29.99. For those who prefer a physical copy, pre-order here:

Amazon: PS4, Switch, Xbox One

GameStop: PS4, Switch, Xbox One

Best Buy: PS4, Switch, Xbox One

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The nostalgia alone may be powerful enough to sell Aladdin and The Lion King, but one thing everyone who played the games will remember is the extreme difficulty. It has been suggested that this extreme difficulty was at Disney's request, as to incentivize purchases instead of rental programs by Blockbuster back in the day, but that doesn't appear to be a concern today.

aladdin and lion king remasters have cheat codes to make them easier

While the difficulty remains the same, cheats codes for Aladdin and The Lion King have been added, meaning those who purchase the titles but want to play casually, and enjoy the games for what they are, have a new option. These cheat codes include everything from invincibility and infinite lives to a time rewind and an Interactive Game Viewer.

Regardless, pre-orders are live and the games are only two months away. Some may be disappointed that these aren't full remakes, but genuine remasters can often bridge the divide between current technologies and the nostalgia factor. That said, there is still a ton of Disney classic games that need a remake for the current or upcoming generation of games.

Aladdin and The Lion King will be available Oct. 29, 2019, for PC, PS4, Switch, and Xbox One.

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