Disintegration Trailer From Halo Co-Creator Debuts at Gamescom 2019

After receiving a brief teaser trailer in July, Disintegration has premiered a full trailer at Gamescom, fully revealing the sci-fi first-person shooter that will put players in the role of a character named Roamer who pilots a Gravcycle and commands troops on the battlefield in a fusion of first-person gameplay with a strategic element.

While Disintegration and its developer V1 Interactive are new names to many gamers, the developers working on this game are an experienced group who have had their hands in some of the industry's biggest games. And that starts with Marcus Lehto, the founder of V1 Interactive and director of Disintegration.

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At Gamesom, Lehto discussed the game further saying that Disintegration features a full single-player story campaign as well as a multiplayer component. Players will pilot a Gravcycle, the futuristic flying motorcycle-like vehicle that has been heavily featured in trailers. Lehto says the player will have a number of offensive and defensive weapons while piloting the Gravcycle and commanding their squad of on-ground troops who each have their own unique abilities, an experience he described as being something very unique to the game.

While it's unknown exactly how extensive and varied the game's multiplayer suite will be, Lehto announced that one of the game's multiplayer modes, which is 5v5, will be playable this week on the show floor at Gamescom.

disintegration gameplay

Lehto was one of the co-creators of Halo, and he helped define the majority of the art design of that franchise while working at Bungie. He co-founded V1 Interactive with developers from Zipper Interactive and is joined by many industry veterans who have worked on games such as Halo, DestinySOCOM US Navy SEALs, Ratchet & Clank, The Elder Scrolls: Skyrim, and Shadow of Mordor.

Disintegration is the first game from Lehto since his days of working on Halo, and it is the first game from V1 Interactive, an indie developer who is partnered with the publisher Private Division. The game certainly looks to channel some of the shooter pedigree of many of its developers.

Disintegration releases in 2020.

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