If there are two video game related items that goes hand-in-hand with each other better than any other it’s a Bethesda release and a few PC problems. While this situation isn’t nearly as severe as some of the issues that have plagued the Elder Scrolls and Fallout series, gamers are still reporting a few PC problems with their copies of the Bethesda-published, Arkane Studios-developed Dishonored.

According to gamers on the Bethesda forums, an issue has arisen, primarily with ATI graphics card users, whereby Dishonored players would first experience freezing before the game crashed back to the desktop altogether. The issue is reportedly only affecting a small segment of Dishonored players on the PC, apparently not all ATI owners are experiencing the problem either, but thankfully Bethesda has provided a solution.

In order to prevent the game from crashing, Bethesda suggests that gamers right click Dishonored in Steam, go to properties, and click “set launch options.” From there, players can set the game to play in windowed mode, which apparently will prevent the game from crashing. It’s not an ideal fix, but it makes the game playable for now.

Dishonored Gameplay Preview - Wind Blast

In other Dishonored news, gamers have discovered a clever little Easter Egg for the game, read about it below.

While Dishonored‘s levels might be linear in their approach, they are still incredibly detailed. The game’s art design, while not pushing high-end PCs to their limits, is some truly original work, and has helped the game stand out. In fact, there are a few touches of added detail in Dishonored that only clever gamers, or die-hard fans, have been able to discover thus far.

That ‘Easter Egg’ for those that have yet to find it, is a nod to one of Dishonored‘s major influences, the PC stealth game Thief. Discussing how the player comes across this Easter Egg scene does give away a portion of the game’s story, so those who have yet to complete Dishonored (the game only takes about 10 hours to complete, dependent on play style) should be forewarned.

In one of the game’s later missions the player will encounter a group of fellow supernatural assassins, who serve as lesser minions for one of the game’s many villains. As the player further infiltrates the hideout of this “big bad” they will discover an initiation of sorts between two of the supernatural assassins. It might not seem like much at first glance, but when compared to a scene in Thief, it’s clearly a homage.

Check out the sequence below courtesy of Game Front:

As you can already see, Dishonored has had its ups and downs for gamers, with the highs being significantly higher. Still, there are problems with the PC version that keep gamers from fully enjoying the game, and that’s a shame.

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