Dishonored 2 Guide: How To Find All 10 Souvenirs

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Looking to unlock the Souvenir achievement/trophy in Dishonored 2? This guide reveals where each of the ten items can be found through each mission in the game.

While Dishonored 2 introduces a number of new features and mechanics including a completely new playable character in Emily Kaldwin, the moment to moment gameplay remains true to what Arkane Studios established in the first game. In addition to sneaking and taking out enemies through a variety of methods, Arkane has seemingly placed a greater focus on collectibles hidden in each level from paintings, to runes and bone charms, and other important items.

Not only that, hidden decorative objects are also new to Dishonored 2 that can be found and displayed in between missions aboard the Dreadful Wale, essentially your home base during the events of the game. By finding all ten players will score a hard earned trophy/achievement for their effort, as well as fill out an empty cabinet in their room. Keep in mind that these objects are completely missable, as the game will not provide an indicator or hint as to where each particular item can be found. As of right now, there's no way to go back to collect a missed object, though Arkane has revealed that a mission select option is on the way in a future update, which may enable players to collect things they missed the first time.


For now though, here are all of the (mostly) spoiler free descriptions of where to find or how to earn each item.

Mission 1: A Long Day In Dunwall

The old boatman that helped Corvo start and end each mission in the first game left an old beechworth carving of a boat on a shelf in Emily's safe room. Before leaving, players should look for a small shelf above a striped bed for the object that's also near the audiolog of Emily's mother on the other side of the room.

One thing to note here is that it isn't the end of the world if players miss this item. Mission 9 sees Emily/Corvo return to Dunwall so another opportunity to claim this object is possible.

Mission 2: Edge of the World

This one is fairly simple as players simply need to kill an Elite guard during the mission to grab An Elite's Helmet. These enemies are wearing bright red over coats instead of the traditional blue material that normal soldiers wear. You won't see a notification or sign that it is unlocked, though players will see the helmet on the desk stand when back on board the Dreadful Wale.

For non-lethal players, knocking out an Elite either from a drop attack or choke works as well.

Mission 3: The Good Doctor

In order to unlock the syringe souvenir, players will need to make sure to go the extra mile and choose the non-lethal route against the Crown Killer at the end of the Good Doctor mission.

Again, players won't receive any sort of notification indicating that the item has been unlocked, but if done correctly, the syringe will appear on the left side of the desk on a sort of plaque.


Mission 4: The Clockwork Mansion

The Clockwork Head object can be obtained by destroying a Clockwork Soldier during this mission. These enemies are found all over this mission and destroying them can be done through a variety of methods, whether it be hand to hand combat or something more destructive such as a grenade.

Players can also attempt to find this decorative object again in mission 8 and 9 as well. Keep in mind that killing a Clockwork Soldier does not count against Low Chaos or mercifulness ratings at the end of missions considering that these enemies are simply machines.

Mission 5: The Royal Conservatory

The Witch's Sword is located within a display case on the top floor of Breanna Ashworth's office inside the Royal Conservatory. Players will find this case near the door to the balconies above the main entrance.

Players simply need to smash the case to grab the sword, though take care to remember that Ashworth and a couple of enemies patrol the office below so it might be wise to deal with them first.

Mission 6: Dust District

The Dust District is the only level in the game to feature two decorative objects to find.

The first is a silvergraph image of the Dreadful Wale hanging up in the Silvergraph Studio near the back of the map. After speaking to Meghan, players will need to traverse through hostile Howler territory to reach the studio. Once there, players essentially have two options for getting into the locked building. The first is to simply smash the window to the right of the door. For those who want to take a less noisy approach, a key can be found inside of Durante's Office inside the Crone's Hand Pub. Unfortunately, the key to Durante's Office is with the Overseers, so players need to first infiltrate the Overseer outpost, grab the key, then infiltrate the Howler pub. Non-lethal players, and those who want to choose an alternative route to finish the mission will likely be doing this anyway.

The second item is Corvo's Blade Verbena Trophy, hidden in a wall inside of Corvo's abandoned home. The house is located up the street beyond the Overseer Outpost, deep within their territory, so depending on the playstyle, players can either stay high to avoid detection or simply go in guns blazing. A commemorative plaque can be found on the house as well, so head down the nearby alleyway, climb up a ledge, and smash through a boarded up window to gain entry. Inside of the bedroom, remove the bricks from the wall to find the hidden trophy.

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Mission 7: A Crack in the Slab

After speaking to Aramis Stilton and The Outsider near the beginning of the level, players should use the Timepeice to immediately warp to the past. The piano room is completely safe from enemies, so explore the room a bit and a Calendar from 1849 will be hanging on the wall near the doors that lead to the main hallway.

Mission 8: The Grand Palace

During this mission, players will come across a circular room with a major quest object in the middle that advances the mission. Once the object has been interacted with, the Broken Gazelle Ornament can be found on a table near the exit to this room.

Mission 9: Death to the Empress

The final object is found back in Dunwall Tower where the game first started. Return to the safe room (and learn Ramsey's fate if the non-lethal route was taken) to find Emily's old doll now stuck in the toilet in the bedroom.

As previously mentioned, Samuel's Boat will be available once again in this mission if it was passed over the first time around. The object can also be found inside of Emily's safe room on a small shelf above a striped bed.

Nab all ten and the achievement/trophy will unlock. Happy hunting!

Dishonored 2 is available now on Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC.

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