‘Dishonored: Game Of The Year Edition’ Announced

By | 3 years ago 

Steampunk-inspired sleuth-em-up title Dishonored is fast approaching the one-year anniversary of its release. Arkane Studio‘s resident rat blaster has done far more than turn a couple heads in that time; it’s practically snapped them off at the spine, earning countless accolades and achievements along the way, including numerous game of the year awards.

Now, the team behind the sword fighting sensation unveils one last parry, a swooping lunge to the wallet region titled Dishonored: Game of the Year Edition. Collecting together all four of the game’s downloadable additions, alongside Bethesda’s highly rated original, the discount set also includes a free double-sided poster.

For $39.99 (£29.99 in the U.K), visitors to Dunwall City will receive:

  • Dishonored
  • A double-sided Dishonored poster
  • The Dunwall City Trials Pack, featuring 10 challenge maps
  • The Void Walker’s Arsenal Collection, including
  • The Acrobatic Killer Pack (‘Raven’ Charm, ‘River Affinity’ Charm, ‘Quick Dodge’ Charm, Hagfish Statue, In-game book on Daud & 500 coins)
  • The Arcane Assassin Pack (‘Void Channel’ Charm, ‘White Rat Friend’ Charm, ‘Gutter Feast’ Charm, Whale Statue, In-game book on ‘Granny Rags’ & 500 coins)
  • The Backstreet Butcher Pack (‘Blast Resistant’ Charm, ‘Fencer’ Charm, ‘Fire Water’ Charm, Wolfhound Statue, In-game book on ‘Slackjaw’ & 500 coins)
  • Shadow Rat Pack (‘Deep Breather’ Charm, ‘Delicate Touch’ Charm, ‘Voyeur’ Charm, Rat Statue, In-game book on ‘The Royal Spy’ & 500 coins)
  • The Knife of Dunwall narrative pack, featuring the adventures of royal assassin Daud (w/ new abilities, weapons & gadgets)
  • The Brigmore Witches narrative pack, featuring the concluding chapter of Daud’s tale (w/ new abilities, weapons & gadgets)

The title’s packaging, pictured above, may just be the best thing about this Corvo-themed compilation, displaying the shamed assassin’s mask against a tasteful black backdrop. Given the sort of crimes typically committed against GOTY box arts (remember Arkham City‘s abysmal cover?) this terrain-lines effect should serve as a welcome change.

The pack should save gamers around $20 each, at least when compared to the content’s individual launch prices.  Will you be buying Dishonored: GOTY Edition? What kind of additional incentives would you like to see included in the set? Do box art aesthetics matter to you? Let us know in the comments below. For more on Dishonored, including where the franchise might be heading next, stay right here on Game Rant.

Dishonored: Game of the Year Edition releases October 8, 2013 (North America) & October 11, 2013 (Europe) for PC, PS3 and Xbox 360.

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