Developer Arkane Studios is kicking off the final month before release with a video (part 1 in a series) that talks a little bit about the inception of Dishonored. While we’ve seen copious amounts of footage detailing the ways in which Dishonored caters to a wide variety of playstyles, oftentimes it’s a little more compelling to hear the developers explain their design decisions themselves.

One of the more interesting things that Dishonored offers players is the opportunity to experiment within a linear space. Typically a game like this would provide an open-world sandbox, and let the player dictate how they want to use the various powers they are provided.

In Dishonored, however, that variation comes in the combination of those powers, and the decisions the player makes. For example, the game can be played without every killing a single soul, save for each mission’s main target. Even more intriguing than that are a few missions where the player can “eliminate” their target without ever coming into contact with them.

In the video, creators Raphael Colantonio and Harvey Smith explain what is about making a game like Dishonored that interested them the most, namely the opportunity to play as a supernatural assassin named Corvo. Various other members of the development team chime in as well — to talk about creating everything from the look of the characters to the design of the city of Dunwall.

Harvey Smith explains that one of his team’s main goals in creating Dishonored was to develop an environment that gamers had never seen before. Elements like the Tallboys — giant stilt-walking enemies — paint a very specific picture, and there’s no denying the visual aesthetic is pretty unique.

Dishonored Developer Document - Inception

So much detail goes into every little bit of Dishonored it’s hard not to be in awe of what Arkane Studios has created. Hands-on time with the game has shown it be exactly what the developers have hoped: a game with so many options.

Don’t believe us? Check out the dual gameplay walkthroughs (one offensive and one stealth) for the Golden Cat mission.

There are some parallels that can be drawn between Dishonored and a game like BioShock — most obviously the fact Arkane worked on BioShock 2 — but it still potentially has a lot to offer gamers looking for something different amongst all the sequels.

What do you think of Dishonored? Are you planning to play it when the game releases early next month?

Dishonored releases October 9, 2012 for the PS3, PC, and Xbox 360.

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