The final two parts in Arkane Studios‘ developer documentary series for their upcoming game Dishonored have finally been released, which focus on player choice and putting the finishing touches on the game. In the first doc, titled Experience, Arkane’s staff talks about the amount of player choice that has been put into a game like Dishonored.

With so many powers at the player’s fingertips, and a wealth of different options in terms of completing a given mission, Dishonored promises to be an experience unlike anything seen before. Part of the joy of developing a game like Dishonored┬ácomes from the surprising situations that players can come up with.

For example, in the video featured above, Co-Creative Director Harvey Smith explains that by combining powers and gadgets a player can summon a wave of rats, stick a mine to one of those rats, possess the rat, and then turn themselves into a walking landmine. It’s not exactly something Arkane Studios envisioned when creating their ‘Rat Swarm’ and ‘Freeze Time’ abilities, but was discovered through a little experimentation.

Hands-on experience with Dishonored has shown that there is a fair amount of variation allowed in what is ostensibly a linear experience. While Dishonored‘s publisher Bethesda tends to deal in games that offer a strictly non-linear experience, Arkane’s game’s linearity comes from the player’s decision to play stealthily or ruthlessly.


The final developer documentary focuses on Arkane Studios’ home stretch — their last efforts to get Dishonored out to the public this October. As Smith once again explains, the folks at Arkane were looking to deliver something unique, a game that players had never before experienced.

Elements like verticality, a steam punk Victorian world, and a wide variety of abilities should come together to make Dishonored stand out amidst the sequels and spin-offs that will be releasing later this fall. Clearly everyone involved with Dishonored went in with a strong desire to make something really really unique, and hopefully their efforts paid off.

Dishonored Developer Diaries 3 and 4

In addition to the final two developer documentaries, Arkane has also released a their rendition of ‘The Drunken Whaler’ as a free download. The atmospheric tune first accompanied Dishonored’s E3 gameplay trailer, and is now being made available to the public for personal, non-commercial use.

Additionally, for those that are interested, Arkane has made the stems from ‘Drunken Whaler’ available so any up-and-coming DJs can make their own remix. Head to this site, and compile your own remix, which can then be entered into a competition to win the game.

Will you be picking up Dishonored when it releases next month? What did you think of the ‘Drunken Whaler’ song featured in the E3 trailer?

Dishonored releases October 9, 2012 for the PS3, PC, and Xbox 360.