The escape. A signature staple of clandestine operations since time immemorial, it’s every stealth video game’s favorite last-ditch survive-with-your-life/get-out-of-jail-free card. For when every plan goes wrong, we need a backup plan, and when every backup plan goes wrong, we need an escape plan.

In the upcoming Dishonored, Bethesda’s new gameplay trailer shows us just three of the ways Corvo, our masked protagonist, can make flight when a mission goes awry.

Each featured “daring escape” revolves around the clever usage of a supernatural power. Dishonored has a surfeit of them – we’ve already seen Corvo blast down doors with wind and summon rats to do his bidding – and here the cunning swordsman is shown fleeing Boyle Mansion with Blink, Bend Time and Possession.

“The Long Jump” (using Blink) certainly seems like the more turbulent exit. Dashing between guard formations, darting from rooftop to rooftop, lopping off heads – it’ll leave a few bodies lying around, but all that matters is that one isn’t yours.

“Sleep Tight” and “Chain Possession”, meanwhile, demonstrate how Corvo can still integrate stealth after detection, keeping the atmosphere more placid in the middle of a mishap. (This is a game, after all, that developer Arkane Studios claims can be completed without ever taking a life.) The former combines the use of the Bend Time ability with tranquilizer crossbow darts; the world around Corvo is brought to a near standstill while he sticks three guards with the fast-acting sedative and bolts behind a door. Cutting to a sequence outside the mansion, the crossbow comes in handy one more time – as does the decidedly unsupernatural ability of hiding bodies in a dumpster.

Dishonored Trailer Daring Escapes

Perhaps saving the best for last, though, is the Chain Possession segment. Compared to the other two, there’s an unparallelled satisfaction in watching the Possession ability work its magic – seeing Corvo¬†whisper a creepy incantation, warp directly into the body of another human, giant machine, or trout (?) and possess his way to freedom. And if the video’s nightmarish slasher-movie music is entirely in-game, then it could be another sign Arkane wants to echo some eery horror vibes into its dytopian, steampunk city of Dunwall when the game releases this October.

Ranters, which option do you think would be the best method of escape in Dishonored. Will you prefer to play with stealth and spellcraft in mind, or take advantage of the bloody swordplay options at Corvo’s disposal?

Dishonored is slated to release on October 9th, 2012 for the Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, and PC.

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