‘Dishonored’ Trailer Highlights Creative Kills

By | 4 years ago 

While the title of this article may be a red flag for anti-gaming activists, it doesn’t dilute the fact that the latest Dishonored trailer is worth a watch. Titled “Creative Kills,” the trailer showcases how players can use some inventive methods to eliminate their enemies.

Dishonored has a combat system that evokes memories of the atmospheric BioShock franchise, as the game’s main character wields plasmid-like abilities with his left hand. As highlighted in the above trailer, Arkane Studios‘ promising title allows players to chain together these special abilities for some satisfying results.

In previous trailers, Arkane revealed the “rat swarm,” a special ability that allows players to summon, well, a swarm of rats. However, main protagonist Corvo — voiced by Lost‘s Josh Holloway — has more options at his disposal, and can use the rat swarm in a multitude of ways. As the “Creative Kills” trailer shows, players don’t have to use the rat swarm exclusively to maul enemies to death. Bombs can be attached to the rats, which can then be possessed by the player and moved towards a group of enemies, ending in some explosive results.

Dishonored Creative Kills Trailer

Dishonored’s most smile-inducing kill method, however, looks like it’s going to the “friendly fire” option. If the player is being shot at, they can slow down time, possess an enemy, and walk their new puppet into the line of fire — leaving the player unscathed. Personally, I think the whole “slow down time, posses an enemy and put them in the line of fire option” looks much cooler than possessing rats with bombs on their backs.

Arkane is giving Corvo a multitude of tools to use against his enemies, which should keep the whole experience feeling fresh, even after extended playthroughs. With so many options, we’re wondering if Dishonored will become the next Just Cause 2, with players finding new tactics and surprises years after release — though we doubt Dishonored’s protagonist is going to go sky diving anytime soon.

Which of Dishonored’s creative kills is your favorite?

Dishonored releases October 9th, 2012, for the PS3, Xbox 360 and PC.

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