Arkane Designer on ‘Dishonored’ Protagonist Daud; ‘The Brigmore Witches’ Achievements Revealed

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Dishonored Brigmore Witches Dogs

Since taking center stage back in April with the release of ‘The Knife of Dunwall’ DLC, fans of Dishonored’s conflicted cutthroat Daud have been eagerly anticipating the assassin’s ultimate fate – a fate that gamers may yet help to shape when “The Brigmore Witches” pack arrives this August.

Announced earlier this month, Dishonored’s final content pack will include a bevy of fresh weapons, characters and powers, as well as an entirely new ward section to explore. With a coven of mysterious conjurers plotting Daud’s demise, the adventure will even extend beyond Dunwall City limits for the first time.

Like Dishonored’s other leading man — Corvo Attano, Daud will once again have the option to raise hell or sleuth past his enemies unnoticed. Speaking to VG24/7 earlier today, Arkane designer Ricardo Bare noted that the presence of powerful supernatural enemies undercuts most offensive strategies – though aggressive tactics could still pay off. One such move involves Daud dragging and dropping enemies from great heights, utilizing a gravity-gun-like power that sprinkle opponents onto the ground.

Bare goes on to discuss the process of designing Daud’s further adventures, as well as the clamour to turn the anti-hero into the game’s next playable character.

“When we asked people who had played [the vanilla edition of Dishonored] what they liked about the game — Daud always came up first…he’s like the stark mirror of Corvo. He’s already been down Corvo’s road with his dark past, and that’s always very intriguing.”

When asked what other concepts the studio had explored in designing downloadable content for the stealth-em-up title, Bare listed two other contenders: a gang-based storyline and an Overseer protagonist. How each of these options might have played out on their own is unknown, though Bare does reveal that both ideas are reflected somewhat in the final DLC.

Dishonored Brigmore Witches Mansion

In other Dishonored-related news, achievements for “The Brigmore Witches” DLC pack have appeared online, listing, and potentially SPOILING a number of important plot points. The full list appears below:

  • Breakout — 10G – Break Lizzy Stride out of Coldridge Prison
  • Gangs of Dunwall — 10G – Restore the Undine to working condition
  • Deal Maker — 10G – Purchase at least 8 favors in The Brigmore Witches
  • All Come To Ruin — 30G – Complete The Brigmore Witches in High Chaos
  • Changed Ways — 30G – Complete The Brigmore Witches in Low Chaos
  • Silence Is Golden — 40G – Complete The Brigmore Witches without alerting anyone
  • Cleanest Hands — 40G – Complete The Brigmore Witches without killing anyone
  • Enough Coin To Disappear — 30G – Survive The Brigmore Witches in low chaos with 10,000 coins
  • Parting Shot — 10G (Secret achievement) – You delivered (or attempted) the killing blow on Corvo
  • Wall of Flesh — 10G (Secret achievement) – You used an enemy lifted with Pull as a shield

So, what did you think of Dishonored and its DLC add-ons? Is a next-gen outing in the cards for the franchise? What ‘villains’ would you like to play as once you’ve finished off a games’ main narrative?


Dishonored: The Brigmore Witches will be released on PC, PS3 & Xbox 360 platforms on August 13th (USA) and August 14th (Europe). The content will be priced at 800MSP for Xbox and $9.99 on PS3 & PC. Owners of Dishonored: The Knife of Dunwall will have the option to continue their progress from that game when beginning ‘The Brigmore Witches’.

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Source: VG24/7