Dishonored 2 Beat in 32 Minutes By Speedrunner


Arkane Studios' new game only been out since Friday but one speedrunner has already completed Dishonored 2 in 38 minutes, or 32 minutes without load times.

Dishonored 2 may only have just released this past Friday but already one speedrunner has set an impressive record for the game. Australian runner Voetiem has finished the game in 38 minutes and 13 seconds, taking what should be a 10+-hour experience and condensing it into a single, short sitting.

As of right now it appears Voetiem holds the world record for fastest Dishonored 2 completion, but chances are a few speedrunners are after their crown. There’s also likely to be a category created for speed runs using Emily Kaldwin, since her character’s abilities aren’t as “fast” as Corvo’s. It’s also worth mentioning that Voetiem only took 32 minutes of actual game time to complete their speed run; the extra 6 minutes is for loading, and that's on PC.

Check out the full Dishonored 2 speed run below, but beware of SPOILERS:


Even if some may see speed runs as counterintuitive to the experience of playing a game, it’s hard not to be impressed by the technical skill these men and women display. Being able to hit precise jumps and time glitches is not easy, especially in the middle of a successful run. Lucky for Voetiem, the game is brand new so there was plenty of room for error.

Some will remember that the first Dishonored was also beat in about 30 minutes, using all manner of glitches and exploits. In fact, it was even possible to beat the game almost immediately, by glitching into a specific area and stopping the inciting incident. After doing so the game would struggle to reconcile what had happened and fade to black.

Still, the fact that speedrunners have already figured out how to blast through Dishonored 2 says a lot about the fandom surrounding the game, even if sales might not be so strong. It also highlights just how useful some of the special abilities in the game can be, not just for sneaking past guards but also for “breaking” things within the world.

Without an ability like ‘Blink,’ which lets Corvo teleport to areas and platforms he would otherwise be unable to reach, these speed runs wouldn’t be nearly as fast. Even then, knowing when to blink and how to position oneself that’s a lot of practice.

For the rest of us, just getting through one level in Dishonored 2 can take several hours, but that’s seemingly par for the course in Arkane’s new title. The developers tried to extend the replayability of the game by featuring two protagonists, and done their best to give character each some unique powers to work with. However, most of us will need some time before we are able to zip through levels in less an hour.

Dishonored 2 is out now for PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

Source: Voetiem (via PC Gamer)

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