Dishonored 2 Pre-Order Lets you Play Early


Bethesda reveals that pre-order customers of Dishonored 2 will be given a rather special perk for pre-ordering the game: access to the title a full day earlier than other buyers.

Dishonored was one the cult hits of the last console generation, offering up an interesting steampunk-inspired world alongside fun and varied gameplay. With that in mind, fans of the original game are unlikely to need much reason to be confident in the quality of Dishonored 2, particularly with players apparently able to beat the game without killing anyone. To further strengthen ties to the title, would-be pre-order players are being offered something quite tantalizing by publisher Bethesda: access to the game a day earlier than the retail release.

The news was revealed by Bethesda today, who advised that pre-order customers of Dishonored 2 will gain this special perk. Rather than the game’s standard worldwide release date of November 11, 2016, those who buy the game in advance will instead be able to access the title on November 10. Although that may not seem like much, those 24 hours could certainly act as a good treat for fans of the original game.

Alongside the news, Bethesda also released a brand new gameplay video for the game, to go alongside the one that focused on Corvo Attano. Named ‘Kill the Grand Inventor’, the video showcases Emily Kaldwin as she makes her way through the Clockwork Mansion, taking on enemies with her range of skills and gadgets. Those interested in seeing the full gameplay video can do so below.


Offering pre-order players an early access to the full product is a relatively recent trend in gaming that several publishers have taken on. As one such example, Day Zero Edition buyers of Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare were also given the game 24 hours early. Meanwhile, Deus Ex: Mankind Divided also offered up an early release of the game through Augment Your Pre-Order, although the infamous pre-order system was cancelled in favor of a more traditional approach.

Some fans of the Dishonored series will no doubt be thrilled to learn that they can get hold of the game one day early, but others may be a little concerned. For one thing, this perhaps gives pre-order customers an unfair advantage in comparison to those who would like to wait and see how the game is shaping up before committing. Meanwhile, others may be a little cautious over how good the day one release of the game will be, given the number of other major titles that have suffered from early issues, such as the PC version of No Man’s Sky.

Then again, an argument could be made that those who are cautious about the game will not miss much by receiving it a day later, and that this simply gives an additional perk to those who were likely to pre-order the title anyway. Either way, Dishonored 2 is certainly looking good so far, with E3 2016 previews giving high hopes that the game will live up to the original or even surpass it. Hopefully, fans will not be disappointed when the game sees release.

Dishonored 2 will be released on November 11, 2016, for PC, Xbox One, and PS4. Pre-order customers will receive the game on November 10, 2016.

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