Dishonored 2 Tech Test Calls PC Version 'Sub-Par'

Dishonored 2 PC Performance Test

A technical evaluation of Dishonored 2 blasts the PC port of the game, which has worrisome framerate issues that aren't as prevalent on console editions.

It's no secret that the PC version of Dishonored 2 has massive performance problems, and despite the fact that a new patch has somewhat improved things for those still sneaking around in Dishonored 2, the light at the end of the tunnel still seems a fair distance away. A recent technical test by Digital Foundry has lambasted the publisher for releasing the game before it was technically ready, declaring that Bethesda Softworks had no business shipping the game in its "sub par" original state.

The hard-hitting report reveals that even with a powerful PC rig consisting of an overclocked Intel i7 4790K and a Titan X Pascal, the game still maxes out 38 FPS in full 1080P resolution, a stat that will likely deter many 60fps purists from picking up a PC copy of the game. Even on console editions of the title, the report notes that when many enemies rush in during combat segments (which won't be a problem for the more stealthy players), gameplay FPS drops to around 20, which is a choppy performance regardless of how one looks at it.

Interested gamers can take a look at the video report below:


The massive problems with the game's performance will only detract from Dishonored 2's fairly lackluster sales, which leave the title a comparative 40% down from the original Dishonored. Now that Bethesda has stated that it will no longer be sending out early review copies of its titles, fans may be understandably concerned about picking up future games on their respective launch days - though we can only hope those don't have similar problems.

That being said, Dishonored 2 is hardly the first title to have massive problems with PC support - Mortal Kombat X had longstanding issues on the platform, and even started bypassing it in terms of DLC support. While the problems with Dishonored 2 seem to be purely performance related right now, gamers are still several patches away from catching up to the console editions, which should admittingly be the devices typically playing catchup to PC performance.

The report unsurprisingly states that the PS4 Pro boasts the best performance between all console platforms for Dishonored 2, delivering a steady 30 fps throughout both gameplay and cutscenes alike. Digital Foundry states that the console editions look pretty good when compared to the problematic PC edition, so gamers still looking to pick up the title should give that some food for thought.

With Dishonored 2 facing some evidently steep performance problems post-launch, have you held off on purchasing the game?

Dishonored 2 is available now for PC, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4.

Source: EuroGamer

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