Dishonored 2 Reportedly Has Major Issues on PC


Dishonored 2 on PC reportedly has major issues, with the game struggling to hit 60 frames per second at 1080p, even dipping to just 13 FPS at some points.

Arkane Studios' latest title, stealth-action sequel Dishonored 2, is one of the mostly highly anticipated games of the year. Landing a spot on Game Rant's list of the best games at E3 2016, the title follows returning protagonist Corvo and newly playable character Emily after usurpers take the throne. Gamers are eager to try their hand at Emily's powers for the first time and discover the game's secrets as it requires multiple playthroughs to see everything.

Unfortunately for those looking forward to the game on PC, it seems that Dishonored 2 has some major technical issues on the platform. According to one NeoGAF user who received a review copy from Bethesda, Dishonored 2 struggles to play at 60 FPS (frames per second) at a 1440p resolution despite their PC being powerful enough to handle it.

Even when the user set the game at 1080p (at"mostly High settings") with things like volumetric lighting and depth of field switched off, the game still refused to hit 60 FPS and at some points it even dipped as low as 13 frames per second. "While the art style is just as gorgeous as its predecessor, the visuals don’t seem like they should be all that demanding," they note.

The game's performance issues, as can be seen in the above screenshot were particularly prevalent during the game's more open areas (there's a FRAPs counter in the top left). These issues even continued when the user uninstalled the game and installed the Bethesda-recommended AMD drivers. If Dishonored 2 on PC is as broken as this report suggests, then it wouldn't be the only high profile game recently released to have difficulties with the PC platform. No Man's Sky PC was notoriously buggy upon release and Batman: The Telltale Series PC's problems also led to player frustration.

However, fans are raising their eyebrows in particular at Dishonored 2, for not only does it come after Skyrim Special Edition's technical issues (on all platforms) but also it follows Bethesda's controversial new review policy too. The publisher's review policy — to give media a copy of the game a day before a game is released — has been heavily criticized as some say it doesn't give gamers enough time to learn about technical issues like this and make an informed purchased decision. It should be noted that the NeoGAF user is Australian, where the game is released a day earlier than North America, hence the slightly earlier availability of a review copy.

A positive takeaway from this is that Dishonored 2 has a day one patch on consoles that comes in at about 9GB. It's unclear at this stage whether the PC version will also get a day one patch, or even a launch week update to fix frame rate problems like this, but many will be hoping that these technical issues are just a single case and not a more widespread problem.

Dishonored 2 is set to release on November 11, 2016 for PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.

Source: NeoGAF

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