Dishonored 2 Live-Action Trailer Brings Corvo and Emily To Life


Dishonored 2 gets a high-quality live-action trailer that brings Emily, Corvo, and the clockwork soldiers to life before the game's November 11 launch.

Dishonored 2's launch is just a few weeks away and Bethesda is kicking the marketing machine into high gear. In addition to the recent gameplay trailers and talk about a potential VR feature, players can now feast their eyes on a live-action trailer that brings many of the game's iconic attacks to life.

The new Dishonored 2 trailer includes both protagonists, Emily and Corvo, but puts most of the focus on Emily. Dishonored 2's mechanics don't seem like they would translate to live-action very well without a serious budget, but the slow-mo style works incredibly well and, although it might not work for a feature length film, the style is very effective for a two minute cinematic.

The commercial aired for the first time over the weekend during Sunday's NFL games, which is not a cheap advertising spot. Take a look at the live-action version of all of Corvo and Emily's iconic takedowns, teleports, and attacks right here...


Although the game can be completed without killing anyone, the trailer shows the characters opting for a pretty lethal path to victory. In addition to seeing Emily and Corvo in action, the trailer also brings the looming clockwork soldiers to life. The enemies get cut down pretty easily in the short TV spot, but we expect they might give players more of a challenge in the actual game. Corvo's skill set has become iconic in the years since the original game launched, so it is exciting to see his moves brought to life in a stylish trailer. Emily brings a whole new array of abilities to the table, so fans get yet another preview of those in action.

Players who want to revisit the world of Dishonored before November 11 can pre-order the sequel now and get instant access to the definite version of the original game. The original was a game of the year contender in 2012 and the definite edition is worth revisiting for fans of the stealth action genre. Early hands-on reports suggest that Dishonored 2 delivers more of the same action, but with a few new tools added to the arsenal, so it sounds like a recipe that will work well for loyal fans of the franchise.

What do you think of the live-action trailer? Will you be playing Dishonored 2 at launch? Let us know in the comments.

Dishonored 2 is set to launch on November 11, 2016 for PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.

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