Dishonored 2 Spotlight Trailer Explores Emily's Powers and Motivations


Another Dishonored 2 spotlight trailer arrives ahead of the game's launch and this one puts a spotlight on Emily Kaldwin's powers, training, and motivation.

In a few weeks, gamers will return to world of Dishonored over a decade after the events of the rat plague. The stealth action game became an instant classic thanks to the creativity that its unique powers and fighting mechanics offered and many fans are more than ready to return to the action in Dishonored 2.

In anticipation of the November 11 release date, the team at Bethesda has been churning out trailers and spotlight videos on a weekly basis. Yesterday fans had a chance to see a live-action interpretation of Emily and Corvo battling clockwork soldiers and today the creators are back with a spotlight video focused on Emily Kaldwin's powers and motivations.

Fans who have been keeping up with the Dishonored 2 gameplay trailers know that Emily has been training with Corvo since the events of the first game and the young girl has grown up to be a fierce warrior should she need to defend herself. Some of her abilities overlap with Corvo's, but the development team wanted to make sure that she played like a brand new character. Her skill set brings some powerful new tools to the table and director Harvey Smith and other developers discuss a few of the highlights in the spotlight...


Emily's abilities definitely look similar to Corvo's at first, but it seems clear that they will play very differently and provide a fresh experience for gamers who want to tackle the campaign from her point of view. One of the new powers that the video focuses on is Domino. The power allows Emily to link the fate of NPCs together, so that what happens to one, happens to all. This power looks incredibly strong and gives players the chance to do some serious damage to many enemies all at the same time. The creators went on to discuss the flavor of the power being built around an empress holds over the people in her kingdom.

In addition to alternative powers, Emily will also provide a different perspective than her father. It sounds like the main story will play out mostly the same, but Emily's commentary on the world around her will be unique to her experience. It will be interesting to see how many gamers decide to play the game multiple times in order to experience the story from each perspective.

What do you think of Emily's power set. Do you plan to play the game as Emily, Corvo, or beat it twice to experience both sides of the story?

Dishonored 2 is set to launch on November 11, 2016 for PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.

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