Rumor Patrol: 'Dishonored 2' Teaser Image Hints at E3 2014 Reveal

Dishonored 2 Reveal E3 2014 Rumor

In a few short months, press and industry professionals will descend on Los Angeles for what is poised to be one of the biggest E3's in recent memory. Not on the level of last year's console-focused event, mind you, but huge in terms of the games on display. This is the year that developers start showing off their big next-gen titles — the system sellers, if you will.

One title that we hope to see at this year's E3 is Arkane Studios' follow-up to their 2012 hit Dishonored. Up until today, we had only heard sparse rumblings about Dishonored 2, and most of those were in a hypothetical context, but now it appears news about the sequel is on the way.

According to a leaked image, purported to be part of a PowerPoint presentation, Dishonored 2 is very much real, and is poised to make a big splash at E3 2014. The image includes a logo, game title, a teaser message, and the hashtag "Darkness of  Tyvia." Check it out in full a little further down.

While we can't make heads or tails of the bird logo with the "R" in the center, we do know that Tyvia is one of the islands featured in Dishonored's universe. Tyvia is said to be a persistently cold place reminiscent of countries in Northern Europe, and is the birthplace of Anton Sokolov.

Although there were sparse references to Tyvia peppered throughout Dishonored's campaign, players never actually visited the location. If this image is legitimate, though, it appears that Dishonored 2 will use Tyvia as a main setting.

Check out the rumored slide (in high-res) below:

Dishonored 2 Teaser Image E3 2014

Enthusiasm for Dishonored 2 aside, it's important that gamers take this image with a grain of salt. While the quality of the logo design suggests legitimacy, this isn't the first time this month we've seen a fake logo surface.

That being said, we do know that Bethesda wants a Dishonored sequel from Arkane and that the developers have ideas for a sequel. The first game was a breath of fresh air for the stealth genre — one of the best games released in 2012 — and is wholly deserving of a follow-up.

Whether or not that sequel will make an appearance at this year's E3, however, is unclear. After all, Arkane is also reportedly hard at work on bringing Prey 2 back from the dead, so their plate is likely very full as it is. We'll keep you posted if and when more news of Dishonored 2 surfaces.

Are you ready for Dishonored 2? How do you hope Arkane Studios changes things up in this sequel?


Source: All Games Beta

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