Bethesda announces that Game Update 2 is live in Dishonored 2 and adds in mission select and more than 20 custom difficulty sliders like permadeath and more.

Since Dishonored 2 launched last November, the development team at Arkane Studios has been hard at work to continue to improve the experience for players. Last month, a new update arrived to the game adding in a New Game Plus mode, which allowed players to immediately start a new play through after finishing the campaign. In an interesting twist, the mode lets players mix the powers of both Emily and Corvo, regardless of which character is selected at the start. After teasing the community with upcoming content a couple weeks ago, the free Game Update 2 has finally arrived bringing with it a number of fan requested features such as mission select.

According to the press release, Game Update 2 for Dishonored 2 includes a bunch of general fixes and a couple of major features intended to help improve the overall experience for end users. The most requested feature from the community is mission select, which is now available after the update installs. Players going for the Ghost or Clean Hands run should find things a little easier, as each mission retains the status of the previous playthrough at the start of that mission. This includes keeping track of which character was used, to the choices made up to that point, even the amount of money and runes as well. This mode should also prove useful for players who may have missed the many hidden collectibles on each mission as well.

Interestingly enough, Arkane did not stop there with this second free update. For players who want the ultimate challenge, a new custom difficulty can be selected enabling the player to really tailor the experience to their liking. Similarly to the skull modifiers found in the Halo franchise, players have 20 new sliders. Players can change how quickly sleep darts take effect on enemies, how much noise the player character makes while moving around the world, how perceptive enemies are, and much more.

If custom sliders were not enough, Iron Mode can be enabled prior to starting a new game. Pegged as the ultimate challenge, Iron Mode not only adds permadeath to the experience, but it also disables manual saving and loading. Because of this, players will need to live with their decisions and actions, unable to load to a previous save to attempt something again.

Even through a rougher than expected start for the stealth action title, it’s good to see that Arkane is focusing on improving the base experience for players than opting to add paid content first. With the many performance based issues of the PC version finally resolved and many community requested features now added, it’ll be interesting to see what direction Arkane decides to go in with future content for Dishonored 2. Using the first game as the base line, players shouldn’t be surprised to see new campaign stories, perhaps with new lead characters, coming down the road in 2017.

What do you think of these new custom sliders? What else would you like to see added to the game in a future update? Let us know in the comments.

Dishonored 2 is available now on Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC.