Dishonored 2 Releases A New Story Focused Trailer Featuring Corvo Attano

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Bethesda releases a new story driven trailer for Dishonored 2 showing off new new footage surrounding Corvo, The Outsider, and the villainous Delilah Cooperspoon.

After revealing Dishonored 2 two years ago with a slick cinematic trailer, Arkane Studios finally gave fans their first actual look at gameplay for the upcoming stealth action title at E3 2016. So far, Arkane Studios has placed much of the focus on the newly made playable Emily Kaldwin for marketing and demo purposes. With this new trailer however, the attention has been placed back on the shoulders of returning protagonist Corvo Attano and his updated play style.

Unlike the demos presented at events or shows, this trailer is more story focused than what fans have previously seen with Corvo looking at his iconic mask and indicating that it'll be his last time wearing it. Not only that, fans get a good shot of the mysterious figure known as The Outsider, now voiced by Robin Lord Taylor. Delilah Cooperspoon, primary antagonist for the downloadable content packs of the previous game, appears to be firmly in the villain role for both Corvo and Emily as the trailer reveals that she has somehow usurped the throne.


Instead of powering down the supernatural assassin and current Royal Protector, Corvo Attano has a few new tricks up his sleeves for this sequel. This new trailer details just how a number of staple abilities from the first game have changed or evolved for this new title.

One of his core abilities, Blink, now pauses time completely while the player chooses the destination. Similarly, Possession enables Corvo to chain together jumps from host to host, opening up a number of new ways to clear an area. Lastly, Bend Time was also shown, allowing Corvo to completely control the flow of time by slowing or advancing it as much as the player needs.

In addition to two playable characters, Dishonored 2 also shifts the action to a new location known as Karnaca. Looking like it was ripped straight out of the Mediterranean, Karnaca is a much sunnier location than the grim and brooding city of Dunwall. While the new setting appears friendly on the surface, Karnaca has its own problems brewing under the surface. Not only are there dust storms that can sweep in, nasty insects known as bloodflies infect corpses and burst out should either protagonist wander too close. Similar to rats from the previous title, players who opt to go on killing sprees will see the bloodfly plague will continue to get worse, even changing the layout and gameplay elements in a level.

Who do you plan on playing through the game as once it launches later this year? Let us know your plans down in the comments below.

Dishonored 2 launches worldwide on November 11, 2016 for Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC.

Source: Bethesda YouTube Channel

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