Dishonored 2 Low Chaos Clockwork Mansion Gameplay Trailer


An extended Dishonored 2 trailer featuring Emily's 'Low Chaos' playthrough of the Clockwork Mansion level is out, in counterpoint to yesterday's 'High Chaos' trailer.

For those following Dishonored 2 news, yesterday was a treat. Not only will gamers who pre-order access the game a day early, but Arkane saw fit to release an exciting gameplay trailer. Emily's High Chaos playthrough of the Clockwork Mansion mission was everything it was set up to be -- violent and intense. But High Chaos is only one option for Dishonored 2 players to take, so Arkane has since followed up by releasing a second trailer with Emily taking a Low Chaos route.

Low Chaos is the stealthier approach to Dishonored 2, though it can absolutely be violent as well -- just not so extreme in its violence. The 7-minute trailer has Emily sneaking from shadow to shadow, stealing important items like keys and document, and hiding her disposed of enemies in hard to find locations. Best of all, the Low Chaos playthrough allows Emily to entirely avoid combat with the clockwork guardians that were so troublesome during the high chaos playthrough.

What's especially interesting about the Low Chaos trailer, with respect to the High Chaos trailer, is how the two paths diverge almost completely. Emily, in pursuit of stealth, spends the bulk of her time climbing through windows and hiding behind the walls. Even the overall goals of the two missions seem different, or perhaps the Low Chaos option just offers opportunities. In Low Chaos Emily is able to save a friend from imprisonment, while High Chaos goes straight for the kill -- divergent paths, indeed.


Arkane has been hard at work conveying the variety of play styles found within Dishonored 2. High Chaos and Low Chaos are just two of the larger ways players will be able have drastically different experiences within the game. The other big decision will of course be whether players choose to play as Emily or as Corvo. Even that doesn't cover the breadth of options within Dishonored 2, however. For example, the devs have hinted that players can reject the gift of the Outsider.

The test of Dishonored 2 will be in whether or not providing all of these divergent paths harms to overall experience. Will a single playthrough as either Emily or Corvo without knowing the story of the other character still be rewarding? Will players feel the same sort of closure? Or will they be all-but-forced to continue playing as the other character, and in the opposite Chaos?

Dishonored 2 will be available starting November 11 on PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.

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