Apple users of the popular voice and text app Discord had a disappointing surprise waiting for them after upgrading to the recently released iOS 11. Users are reporting a variety of errors in Discord when running the app on the new phone and tablet operating system. Discord has responded, acknowledging issues with iOS 11, but has no ETA on a fix. It may be some time before the problems are solved.

iOS 11, coinciding with the upcoming release of the new Apple iPhone 8, has made some rather significant changes from previous iterations of the OS. The big one is that iOS 11 will no longer run 32-bit apps, moving to 64-bit only. Prior to this update, all apps were required to support both 32-bit and 64-bit in order to be listed on the App Store. With the change many apps, perhaps including Discord, feature legacy code that may not mesh with iOS 11. It’s an issue causing chaos for many apps on the App Store.

Whatever the specific cause, the results are a very broken Discord app running on iOS 11, manifesting for users in many different ways. From features including speakerphone being inaccessible to crashes resulting from switching tabs, problems continue to be discovered. Discord’s Twitter account has responded to over a dozen Apple users each with different issues. And worse yet these issues will persist for the foreseeable future.

Discord Broken by iOS 11 - Apple

Discord’s solutions for the various iOS 11 issues cropping up are thin. Recommendations include checking the App Store for any possible updates that may have not yet been applied, restarting the Discord app, and the typical go-to of resetting the phone. If those few solutions don’t result in any improvements then it’s likely the bugs will persist until Discord’s next update.

Apple users that have upgraded to iOS 11 are left will little other option than to struggle through the bugs in Discord or to stop using the app until it’s fixed in the near future. The app should still run, which is better than other apps including Flappy Bird. As long as users can figure out the actions that result in crashes or errors and avoid them, they should be able to continue using Discord for its basic functionality.

Expect an update on the situation from Discord in the days to come.

Source: Polygon

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