Gaming Film Director Uwe Boll Goes on Glorious, Swear-Filled Rant in New Videos

By | 1 year ago 

Warning: Language

It’s no secret that gaming films have been some of the biggest duds over the years. Heck, we’ve gone so far as to create a list of the five worst gaming films of all time, which was a gargantuan task in and of itself given the fact that there are quite a few. With that said, some of the most poorly received (if not the most poorly received) game-related films have come from director Uwe Boll.

Known for movie adaptations of such gaming properties as BloodRayne, Postal, House of the Dead, and Dungeon Siege, Boll has become notorious amongst gamers for the quality – or lack thereof in the minds of many critics – of his motion pictures. Now Boll has released a pair of self-shot videos voicing his disdain for the film industry as a whole.

The videos are a response to the director’s ongoing KickStarter project that’s currently sitting at €23,035 of its €50,000 funding goal with three days left. The film in question is Rampage 3, which would have wrapped up the director’s trilogy for the series. Instead of reaching out to fans in a video, however, Boll opted instead to call out movie-goers in two videos riddled with swear words and other obscenities.

Suffice to say, keep this in mind before opting to watch the video.

Boll’s response is one of frustration given what is very likely the imminent failure of yet another KickStarter campaign (the first being Postal 2, which only amassed $29,977 of its $500,000 goal in 2013). With that said, it’s sure to generate an ample amount of contention for the director considering that he calls out several Hollywood stars and even those that make a conscious decision to not give him money. Suffice to say, no one can dismiss the director as not being passionate.

It’s hard to say what Uwe Boll will get up to if his latest crowd-funding attempt fails, but with only a few days left on the countdown that answer will likely come sooner rather than later. It seems as if, for now, the filmmaker is stepping away from gaming adaptations though – which may be a relief to some. With that said, it’s not impossible that Boll could dabble in the field again; provided he can secure proper funding.

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