Remember when the industry trend was to make World War II shooters? It got stale and the big franchises moved on, including both Call of Duty series, Medal of Honor and Battlefield. Now the trend is to make modern shooters and it’s beginning to overstay its welcome as well.

Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 pushed players over a decade into the future, but Battlefield 4 aims to keep its fans in the current time period, the same period with similar weaponry and vehicles as its predecessor. Will publisher Electronic Arts and developer DICE show some “balls” and craft a sequel to Battlefield 2142?

This is the question ex-DICE producer Gordon Van Dyke posed on Twitter. Van Dyke was on the team that made Battlefield 2142, a great PC-only game that felt more like an extension of Battlefield 2 than a comprehensive standalone package, but we loved it and have wanted a sequel ever since. DICE rubbed that in with the Battlefield 2143 teaser in Battlefield 3: End Game DLC. There was evan a nod to it in the Back to Karkand DLC which had fans hoping 2143 would be the next game in the series.

Battlefield 3 launched to great success despite it arguably not being ready to exit beta, and it represented EA’s fastest-selling game of all-time. That’s why Battlefield: Bad Company 3 wasn’t next on the docket and why the franchise’s next outing is straight to a numerical followup (4 > 3 for marketing). Also, it happens to be higher than any of the numbers on the current Call of Duty games – that is, if Modern Warfare 4 isn’t also coming this fall.

With the Medal of Honor series on ice (again) after being mishandled, next year’s obligatory shooter from EA could very well be another Battlefield game (or Respawn Entertainment’s first game) and if it is, expect Bad Company 3 over 2143. If DICE does take the risk and develop a followup to their futuristic shooter, we hope it’s more than a smaller, downloadable or a free-to-play experience a la Battlefield 1942 and Battlefield Heroes. Take advantage of the Frosbite 3 engine.

Are modern-set FPS titles getting old for you? Battlefield 4 is the first modern triple-A shooter of the next console generation and has high expectations to meet, especially after the mixed reactions from its official unveiling last month at GDC where they presented 17 minutes of gorgeous single-player gameplay that felt all too familiar. But it’s all about the multiplayer and that’s next to be revealed as we approach the imminent showcases of the next-gen Xbox and of course, E3 2013 in June. For the online crowd, check out DICE’s first tease of Battlelog 2, the service that’ll run Battlefield 4.

How about DICE makes Star Wars: Battlefront 3 next? That would be an acceptable compromise.

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Battlefield 4 may release October 29, 2013 for the PC and current/next-gen PlayStation & Xbox.

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Source: Battlelog