DICE Collaborating with Visceral Games on 'Battlefield Hardline'

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Although Visceral Games is hard at work on their own iteration for EA's hugely popular Battlefield series, titled Battlefield Hardline, the developer won't be going it alone. As it turns out, the developer will be receiving assistance from the franchise's original creators, DICE.

While longtime Battlefield fans will be happy to learn that DICE has not fully relinquished the reigns to their flagship series, it's important to note, however, that Visceral is still the primary developer on Battlefield Hardline. As Visceral studio head Steve Papoutsis puts it, DICE is merely collaborating with his studio on the game.

Although it's unclear how hands-on DICE will be with the project, chances are they won't have too much time to devote to the game. With both Star Wars Battlefront and presumably another numbered Battlefield in development, not to mention fixes for Battlefield 4, one can assume DICE's plate is already plenty full. Chances are "collaboration" means that the studio is their for input regarding the franchise and its Frostbite 3 engine, but they won't actually be doing any heavy lifting.


This isn't the first time that DICE has helped out on another company's shooter either; they assisted Danger Close Games with their Medal of Honor reboot back in 2010. But, where DICE was solely responsible for the multiplayer in Medal of Honor (2010), this time around it will be Visceral who assumes a lead role on both the single player and multiplayer.

Although it's not surprising to hear that DICE will be helping out on Battlefield Hardline, their involvement does beg the question as to how much leeway Visceral Games had with the franchise. Obviously the change from war shooter to cops-and-robbers shooter is a significant one, but the recently leaked preview video for Hardline suggested the game would keep in line with Battlefield's tone and feel. It's worth mentioning, though, that the preview video was over 6 months old, meaning a lot (or a little) could have changed since then.

Battlefield Hardline Official Art

In fact, we've seen very little substantial material from Battlefield Hardline, aside from a confirmation from EA, a few very sparse details, and a logo. We know that Visceral wants to bring their skills with single player to the franchise, and that the multiplayer in Hardline will have some twists, but it isn't entirely clear what those might be. The preview video does cite a few modes, but until EA makes it official it's best not to get too heavily invested in any rumors.

How much leeway do you think Visceral Games should have on Battlefield Hardline? What do you consider important elements for all Battlefield games?

Battlefield Hardline releases later this year for current and last-gen platforms.


Source: Steve Papoutsis — Twitter

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