There’s no doubt that by now gamers are highly familiar with the technical feats of Battlefield 3 and the Frostbite 2 engine. The previously released Fault Line videos from the game’s single player campaign showed off the immense amount of detail in Battlefield 3, making it arguably the best looking video game to date.

Gamers were shocked by the destruction of buildings, watching as tremors took down the buildings in a realistic and beautiful blast. But who would have guessed that the engine also had the ability to include those earthquakes and environmental destruction in the multiplayer?

The Battlefield series is known for its environmental destruction but Lars Gustavsson, a lead designer on Battlefield 3, reveals how that could be taken to the next level in their next franchise installment. Speaking with PSM3 about the Frostbite 2 engine’s potential for the BF3’s multiplayer modes:

“It’s technically possible to have earthquakes in multi-player using Frostbite 2. We feel like kids walking into sweet shops with Frostbite – it has so many features we never knew we needed, and we’re still figuring out how best to use them.”

Though the idea of earthquakes occurring in the middle of multiplayer battles may sound like any FPS gamer’s dream, DICE notes that they aren’t yet ready to implement it into multiplayer.

“We’re still looking into ambient destruction in multiplayer; it’s still too early to say really”

Battlefield 3 Earthquakes 2

DICE also notes that all the features they’ve shown off all ready are just the beginning for the Frostbite 2 Engine.  The Swedish developer believes the engine still has a lot of life left in it, which is certainly impressive considering what they’ve already shown off.

“It’s just the start for this engine. So far, the only limit to the things we can do with it are our own creative restraints.”

Dynamic events have certainly become more popular over the years, games like Motorstorm: Apocalypse and Killzone have included many environmental hazards that can effect game play dramatically, though none of this has occurred on a scale similar to Battlefield’s multiplayer.  It should be interesting to see if DICE is able to include it for launch or if it may come at a later date and what effects it will have on the multiplayer component.

Are you interested in seeing earthquakes in Battlefield 3‘s multiplayer, and will you be picking up the game when it releases later this year?

Battlefield 3 releases October 25th, 2011 for the PC, PS3 and Xbox 360.

Source: PSM3 (via CVG)