Diablo Players Get Married, Have Diablo-Themed Photoshoot

Diablo 3 Crusader

Two Diablo fans who began a relationship after meeting while playing Diablo 3 decide to honor the Blizzard-helmed series by holding a Diablo-themed photoshoot for the wedding.

Given how long the Diablo franchise has been going for, it's no surprise that the series holds a special place in the hearts of many gamers. After all, developer Blizzard is even holding plenty of special events to honor the anniversary of the original game's release. However, for two gamers in love, the third iteration of the series was the place where they first met, and they decided to honor this in a fantastic and unique way - by holding a Diablo-themed photoshoot for their wedding.

The couple in question, Alvin Lau and Alexis Loo, met through Diablo 3, where they were playing as a Crusader and a Demon Hunter respectively. Getting married last year, there was only one way that Lau and Loo could hold their photoshoot. To aid with this dream, they brought in Mezame to help with the shoot, while the Neo Tokyo Project assisted when it came to weapons and armor - as shown by Kotaku.

The end result is stunning, although not without plenty of challenges. For starters, since the couple are from Singapore, it was difficult to find locations that matched the more European Gothic architecture seen in the Diablo franchise. To get around this, Mezame instead took photos of the couple separately, and then used shots from various different locations instead, travelling as far as Malaysia to get the perfect content. The final photoshoot is wonderful - as shown in the video below.


Although the photoshoot itself was very much Diablo-themed, the actual wedding of the couple was not. However, that's not surprising given how bulky the armor and weapons from the series are. Of course, given the number of perfect gifts for Blizzard fans that are available, it wouldn't be surprising to see some of the wedding invitees celebrating the wedding with a thoughtful gift of their own.

This isn't the only time that a beloved video game has played a part in a wedding, either. One Super Mario Maker player set out a wonderful marriage proposal for his girlfriend, while some have gone even further. Indeed, game developers themselves have agreed to help several gamers in love over the years, such as BioWare's one-off Mass Effect level or how Bungie helped with an in-game Destiny engagement.

It seems as though Blizzard truly has a knack for making memorable games that gain a devoted following. The developer's most recent franchise, Overwatch, looks almost certain to follow in the footsteps of the likes of Diablo and Warcraft, particularly given the title's status as the most profitable paid PC game of 2016. It's already joined Diablo in the world of wedding-related content - let's see how much further the Overwatch world can go.

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