Diablo 4 First Three Classes Confirmed at BlizzCon 2019

diablo 4 three classes

Not wanting to waste any time, Blizzard Entertainment confirms all of the recent leaks and rumors by not only confirming that Diablo 4 is in active development, but the company shows off two very impressive trailers. This latest entry draws on inspiration from its predecessors such as the dark gothic horror themes as well as some gameplay elements like the first three player classes.

As hinted at in previous leaks, Blizzard revealed that the Barbarian, Sorceress, and Druid are all playable in Diablo 4. Each one brings a unique flavor to combat thanks to abilities and spells which promise to offer different ways to play through the experience.

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Specific details were not provided on each class, but with a panel taking place later in the show, it's likely that fans will be getting a detailed laundry list of everything new in Diablo 4 including breakdown of things like skill trees, playstyle, and more. For now, the first gameplay trailer revealed a few interesting tidbits for each of the three.


The hulking brute is back once again, making its third appearance as a playable class. Based on the gameplay, players will have access to a lot of his iconic skills like dual wielding and leap. He also has a burst style move which is like a shockwave that erupts from a sweeping motion as well as a spartan kick style move for kicking enemies off of ledges.


Another returning character from the past couple of games, the Sorceress remains the prototypical glass cannon. Utilizing magic rather than brute force, players who select this character will want to keep distance between themselves and enemies. Thankfully, some of her spells help in this matter like a blizzard style move which not only damages enemies but freezes them if they're hit a certain amount of time.

She's also able to call in a meteor strike, shoot elemental bolts, and being able to become a frozen wave when jumping off her horse. Interestingly enough, if Diablo 4 has anything like ultimate abilities, the trailer may have revealed hers. At one point, she becomes a bolt of electricity and is able to zoom around the area damaging all enemies at once.


The third and final revealed class is the hybrid character of the trio. The Druid makes its grand return from the Lord of Destruction expansion for Diablo 2. Using a mix of might and magic, the Druid is comfortable getting up and close with enemies by transforming into animals like bears and wolves. Alternatively, he also has a few tricks up his sleeves in terms of elemental style spells like lightning strikes, boulder strike, and more.

Diablo 4 is in development for PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

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