In order to compete in the market with high profile games, most developers are attempting to include new and innovative multiplayer experiences into their products, many now focusing on co-op play. Mass Effect 3 just proved that any game that has combat or focuses on story can still be creative and fun with multiplayer and other upcoming games attempting to do the same include Diablo III, Steel Battalion and Starhawk.

All three of these 2012 titles, all sequels, and all exclusive to one different platform, include a form of co-op play and will take players from dark fantasy to a sci-fi future.

After years and years (and years) of development and the ultimate display of fan patience, Blizzard has finally settled on a date to release Diablo III. They’re so determined, in fact, that some features were altered and dropped just so fans won’t have to wait any longer – becoming the only example of a game where fans are okay with the developer releasing it as is.

What remains in the game are the five core classes: Wizard, Witch Doctor, Demon Hunter, Monk and Barbarian, the latter of which fulfills the role of the traditional RPG tank, taking heavy damage and delivering it himself. Watch and see for yourself:

Diablo III releases for the PC and Mac on May 15, 2012. A console version is also in the works for an unspecified date.

Microsoft’s Xbox 360 Kinect has been quite hit or miss lately, earning some praise for allowing for strong voice controls implemented in Mass Effect 3 (although it could have been done with headsets…), but not working so well with Kinect Star Wars.

To date, the controller-free tech, while innovative, has failed to deliver core gaming experiences or improved mechanics for traditional console video games. Another game attempting to rectify the problem is Steel Battalion: Heavy Armor, the co-op mech game by From Software and sequel to Steel Battalion and Steel Battalion: Line of Contact on the original Xbox which came with the infamously massive mech controller.

At Capcom’s Captivate event in Rome this weekend, From Software showed off new gameplay footage for Heavy Armor, focusing both on the game’s campaign and co-op play.

Steel Battalion: Heavy Armor co-op trailer:


Capcom Captivate trailer:


Steel Battalion: Heavy Armor will release June 19, 2012 exclusively on the Xbox 360.

Last but not least, is the innovative new trailer for Starhawk which features you and your friends. Sony integrated the new Starhawk trailer a neat promotional piece on Facebook where who watch earn free DLC in the form of a multiplayer skin (for North America only). The trailer is appropriately titled “Build your team” and you’ll be surprised how familiar your teammates really are.

Click here to watch the trailer on Facebook.

The trailer is as fun as it is corny, but it totally works within the extreme multiplayer realm of the game where players can fight on foot, in vehicles, in the air or with buildings they construct on the fly.

Starhawk releases May 8, 2012 for the PS3.

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