Often times, when a feature is first detailed for a game, it receives a certain amount of backlash from its fan base and, as result, the developer decides to make significant tweaks. With other self-critical developers like Blizzard, the company unveils a feature for their upcoming game and, instead of fine-tuning it, completely revamps its usefulness.

A similar Blizzard-esque situation has occurred with Diablo 3’s skill rune system, which can now add a wide variety of secondary effects to a large number of skills in the game.

With five different colors of runes, and more skills than you can shake a stick at, Diablo 3 now offers players the ability to take the role-playing in the game to the next level. Runestones, while originally thought to imbue all skills with an equal effect, actually adapt to the skill on which they are placed.

The example given to Shack News sees the Obsidian Runestone, which is a more AOE-focused skill rune, turning the Arrow skill into a “grenade rain” skill or turning the Acid Cloud skill into one that spawns companion slimes to attack enemies. It’s the same runestone, but its secondary effect is completely different.

Dependent on both the rune, and obviously the skill, gamers will be able to further reinforce the type of Diablo 3 player they wish to be. But taking those skill runes and reallocating them won’t simply add the same effect to different skills – it will oftentimes alter the skill completely.

It seems like Blizzard, with their protracted development cycles, isn’t going to let Diablo 3 spend the next year or so in the fine tuning stage – but instead the team plans to make the entire experience better. Sure, getting our hands on the game sooner rather than later (and hopefully on a console) is the best situation, but improved features are always a worthwhile consolation.

What do you think of the new and improved skill rune system in Diablo 3? Which of the features detailed so far get you the most excited to play this game?

Source: Shack News