In recent weeks, SimCity developer Maxis has been actively communicating with their fan community in order to better understand what it is they want out of future offerings. Admittedly, they had a rocky introduction to the gaming public at large, and so they want to ensure things are much more cordial from here on out.

Not to be outdone, Diablo 3 (which had its own rocky start) developer Blizzard has issued a survey of its own — gauging player interest in the forthcoming Reaper of Souls expansion. More specifically, the survey outlines two potential price points for Reaper of Souls, which gives gamers an idea how much they will be paying when the expansion releases.

In the survey, Blizzard floats the idea of a Standard Edition and a Collector’s Edition of Reaper of Souls. The Standard Edition would retail for $29.99 and would come with the base expansion, which offers a new storyline, new dungeons, a new Crusader class, and raises the level cap to 70. Basically, all the improvements/additions players have come to expect from a Blizzard expansion.

The Collector’s Edition, on the other hand, would retail for $49.99 and include, in addition to the Reaper of Souls expansion, some “exclusive in-game content and other bonus items.” What exactly those bonus items and content might be is unclear, but we suspect Blizzard has some sweet Diablo 3 loot planned for Collector’s Edition owners.

In addition to gauging interest in specific price points, the survey also asked Diablo 3 players to highlight their platform of choice — PC, Mac, Xbox 360, xboxor PS3 — and to rank the expansion’s new features from most interesting to least interesting.

As far as a release date goes, Blizzard is still keeping quiet. When they announced the Diablo 3 auction houses would be closing in March, we hypothesized that the Reaper of Souls expansion might hit around the same time, but so far there’s no further evidence to support that theory. We’ll keep you posted on any additional Reaper of Souls news, if and when Blizzard decides to share.

Do you think that $30 for a 1-act expansion is a good price? What about the expansion are you most excited for?

Diablo 3: Reaper of Souls may release in March 2014 for the PC.

Source: Polygon