No PvP for 'Diablo 3' at Launch

No PvP for Diablo 3 at Launch

With every passing month comes some new news about Diablo 3, though it's never about a solid release date or new features being added. No, it's usually about features that are being removed or that the game is delayed over and over. Keeping to that, Blizzard has announced that the PvP component to Diablo 3 will be temporarily removed from the game, and will not be available at launch.

According to Blizzard, PvP wasn't turing out the way the wanted and instead of delaying the game further, they decided to yank it out completely. Fans of multiplayer shouldn't freakout, because Blizzard assures gamers that the PvP mode will be included at a later date when it meets their standards of quality.

This isn't the only item that's been removed from Diablo 3. Earlier this year it was announced that both companion pets and reforging scrolls won't make it into the game a launch either. This was again due to these components not meeting the high standards the Blizzard devs set for their work, and Blizzard trying to balance features vs. the impatience of fans to play the game. While some eager Diablo players won't enjoy hearing the news about Blizzard announcing another feature being pulled from the game, it's mostly a good thing in this exceptional circumstance.

What it means is that Blizzard has a solid Diablo 3 release date and are making big moves in order to make that date. And we know that when these features are completed, they're going to be good. As the old saying goes, "good things come to those who wait."

The Director of Diablo 3, Jay Wilson, stated last month that the full game isn't in good shape, but great shape, hinting that a final version is close to completion. Blizzard is the shining example of how to build a quality video game and gamers shouldn't get discouraged when they hear news like this. W

Diablo 3 is expected to release between April and June of 2012, for PC, MAC and unconfirmed for home consoles.


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