Blizzard details upcoming patch 2.4 for Diablo 3,which is set to launch before Friday and introduce a new zone, new set and legendary gear, and empowered rifts.

It’s been a long road for Diablo 3, one that began with a troubled launch thanks to restrictive online requirements, an auction house that caused quite a stir with the community, and a few game breaking bugs to boot. Thankfully Blizzard found their footing, released a fantastic expansion called Reaper of Souls, and continued to launch the game on other platforms. The hard work continues as a brand new patch releases this week stuffed with new content, fixes, and game improvements.

One of the major aspects to this patch is the rebalancing and buffing of set items along with the addition of 50 new legendary items to discover. New challenge dungeons have been added including Set Dungeons which require that players have a full set of specific gear before entry is granted. Finally, Empowered Rifts allow players to spend their gold in enhancing Legendary Gems with additional levels of power, though if the rift isn’t completed or the player dies, the gold spent is lost for good.

The biggest piece of patch 2.4 is the addition of Greyhollow Island, a gloomy stretch of land off the coast of Westmarch that’s home to tons of new enemies to battle and a faction called the Coven. Players can also roam around in the Eternal Woods off of Ruins of Sescheron, which was added in patch 2.3.

Blizzard hasn’t provided an actual release for the patch at this time, but their plan is to update the game before Season 5, which is scheduled to launch this Friday, January 15. This echoes what Blizzard did last fall when patch 2.3 launched ahead of Season 4 and added a number of things to the game including a new zone and Kunai’s Cube which was based off the popular Horadric Cube item from Diablo II.

Even though regular patches and content may have slowed down for this action RPG, Blizzard continues to improve the experience for players and churning out new things to be explored and found. As the game slowly moves towards its fourth anniversary, many players are wondering what Blizzard will do to top last year’s even, when the secret cow level from Diablo II made its triumphant return.

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Diablo 3 is available now for PC, Xbox 360, Xbox One, PlayStation 3, and PlayStation 4.

Source: Battle.Net