'Diablo 3' Has Issues, Including A Game Breaking Bug

Diablo 3 Launch Bugs Blizzard

Get out your bug spray. Blizzard has an infestation. The hotly anticipated Diablo III, which hit stores today, has already been reported to have a ton of bugs, which is completely understandable considering Blizzard only had about 10 years to develop it. One specific bug, however, is less of an inconvenience and more of a downright game breaker.

According to Eurogamer, readers have reported a bug that boots players out of Diablo III servers when interacting with the Templar follower, an early game companion. They are then greeted with an Error 3006 message and are unable to log-in, while other players are locked out of entirely. The trigger isn't a series of complicated keystrokes or unique situations, but simply the act of equipping their Templar with shield. Eurogamer reader MightyMouse elaborated on the experience.

"Yup, it de-synched, booted me back to the character screen with all buttons greyed out and had to close the program from Windows. Can't get back in to EU or American servers."

Blizzard has promised that a hotfix for players dealing with the Error 3006 will be released soon, but suggests players hold off on giving the Templar any gear until they have fully accepted him as a follower, which should function as a sufficient workaround until the issue is resolved. However, bugs still abound within the game outside of this predicament.

According to Giant Bomb, there are a few other issues players should keep an eye out for. A character creation error is reported to max your character list and a log in error will frustrate players as early as the startup screen -- this is in addition to a myriad of other errors, most of which are listed in the Diablo III forums. Blizzard has a temporary solution to resolve most of the issues, but they aren't without some hassle.

This has been a helluva launch for the high-profile game and a few of the early adopters will be dealing with some headaches. Luckily, Blizzard appears to be on top of it and fans should be able to play the game soon without having to walk on eggshells.

Diablo 3 is out now for PC and Mac.


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Source: EurogamerGiant Bomb

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