What 'Diablo III' Could Have Looked Like

Diablo 3 Cancelled Version Screens

Diablo III has been teasing gamers for a long time now, as it has been in development since 2001. It has gone through multiple iterations and seen drastic revisions. Finally, Blizzard has locked into the design and style they want, and Diablo III is getting closer to release. For those curious as to what the game could have looked like, we have an entire gallery of screenshots from the cancelled 2005 version of Diablo III.

Blizzard is one of the premiere game development studios active in today’s industry. They consistently release triple-A titles and have a fan base large enough to support a gaming convention of their own. Blizzard's top notch games rarely disappoint, but the company sure take its sweet time in releasing them.

At least that’s how it feels. Blizzard isn't slacking, but the way they switch back and forth between franchises, and allow large gaps in between major releases, makes the time between direct sequels overly long. After an extremely long wait, StarCraft fans finally got a follow-up to the original RTS that was released over a decade ago. StarCraft II took home Game Rant's 2010 Video Game Award for best multiplayer experience, which goes to show that Blizzard games are worth the wait.

While patiently waiting for Diablo III, check out the gallery below to see how the game could have turned out.

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The above images look great and have a very similar style to Diablo II. They have a washed out, dungeon vibe, especially when compared to the brighter style of the more recent Diablo III screenshots. Honestly, the style change isn’t surprising. With the major success of World of WarCraft, Blizzard would be foolish not to go with a similar tone and vivid color scheme.

Undoubtedly, many purists wish will wish Blizzard had stuck with the old graphical direction, but personally I think the more recent screenshots look fantastic. Diablo II was, without a doubt, less vivid, but a lot of that had to do with the graphical limitations of the time. That was ten years ago, and it is ridiculous to think a developer wouldn't want to explore a newer graphics style.

It is cool to see how different the game looked that far back in its development. That being said, the updated look is a welcome change. If Blizzard doesn’t mess with their release schedule too much, gamers should be playing Diablo III within the next year.

What do you think about the look of the 2005 era Diablo III? Is the newer look an improvement?

Diablo III is currently expected to release in 2012 for PC, and possibly Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3.

Source: Kotaku

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