Don’t look now, but Diablo 3 is making a strong case for itself as one of the biggest video game comeback stories of all time. Diablo 3 was heavily criticized at launch for nearly all of its features, ranging from what players felt to be a shallow story, a weak end-game, and a terrible implementation of a real-world auction house – and yet its most recent release, the Rise of the Necromancer expansion, has been met with mostly praise from that same community.

For those who have stuck with Diablo 3 over its turbulent existence, the introduction of the Necromancer must feel like a moral victory at this point. One of the most popular classes in past Diablo games, the Necromancer was another sticking point for fans who were unhappy with the initial launch of Diablo 3. Many felt the class was an iconic part of the Diablo experience, and given the game’s initial reception, it felt as though an expansion bringing the Necromancer back to gamers was never going to happen.

Now, though, the Necromancer is proving itself to be a significant addition to Diablo 3, the game itself has seen a resurgence in active players, and Blizzard has once again worked its magic in revitalizing a game that people believed to be on its last legs. With the Necromancer’s competitive viability proven and the Diablo 3 grind back in full swing, however, it’s time to get back to what is most important in any Blizzard game – looking as cool as possible.

To that end, Blizzard has provided fans with the opportunity to acquire an amazing looking cosmetic item for Necromancers called Trag’Oul’s Wings. The demonic, sinewy wings are a callback to a significant character within Diablo lore, a dragon who guards the Sanctuary and attempts to maintain balance between the High Heavens and Burning Hells. The presence of the wings might hint that one of the most mysterious and exciting characters in Diablo could make an appearance at a later date, but for now, they’re a symbol of Necromancer superiority that are relatively easy to procure. Here’s Game Rant’s guide on how to acquire Trag’Oul’s Wings.

diablo 3 tragouls wings

Finish the 10 Necromancer Class Challenges

Essentially, all players need to do to acquire the cosmetic item is to complete the ten class challenges Blizzard has provided for Necromancers. Most of them are relatively easy – some will even just be completed incidentally as players look to level up their Necromancers quickly – but we’ll provide quick details on each to make sure Necromancers know what’s required of them to please the mighty dragon.

1. The Silence When You Speak To Me

This challenge requires players to listen to each of Master Ordan’s conversations while they’re in the Pandemonium Fortress. Players will need to go to both Level 1 & Level 2 of the Pandemonium Fortress in Act 5 of story mode and complete each conversation branch.

2. Serve the Balance

This one’s easy. Just reach level 70 with a Necromancer. Players looking for a quick fix can always check out our Necromancer powerleveling guide to expedite the process, too.

3. Bringer of Order

Another gimme. Just complete Act V with a Necromancer and call it a day.

4. Bone Skewer

This challenge requires players to damage 40 enemies with the Bone Spear skill in 3 seconds. While that might initially seem like a big ask, the recently discovered Necromancer Pestilence Set build can make short work of this challenge thanks to its AoE speccing and reliance on Bone Spear as its primary damage dealer.

5. What is Dead Can Sometimes Die

Players will need to kill 1,000 undead enemies with corpses. Using the Final Embrace rune can make Corpse Explosion a big damage dealer, and grinding through early levels and using corpse kills only to defeat enemies should wrap this one up fairly quickly – especially if players used Corpse Explosion fairly frequently during the grind to 70 with their Necromancer.

6. Curse Your Enthusiasm

This challenge only needs players to kill 5,000 cursed enemies. Given the fact that Frailty is a key part of Necromancer rotations during leveling and in the Pestilence build mentioned above, this should actually take a lot less time than it sounds like it should.

7. Terror in Blood

This is one of the more fun challenges in Diablo 3 for the Necromancer. Players need to defeat Diablo himself after using an ability that costs some of their health while already below 10% – a risky proposition to be sure. According to a number of Diablo 3 players, the best approach to this challenge is to use the Death Nova skill with the Blood Nova rune to help sap health down below 10% when necessary.

8. Game of Bones

Cringe-worthy Game of Thrones reference aside, players need only use Bone Armor while in a fight with the Skeleton King to complete this challenge.

9. Skeleton Crew

This challenge requires players to kill 500 elite enemies with Command Skeleton minions. This is most easily done while on the Rift grind with the Necromancer, although it comes with a caveat – using Frailty can sap kills from the Skeletons unintentionally, so it may be best to leave the powerful curse at home while attempting to deal with this.

10. Self Controlled

This one is a weird one, but it isn’t necessarily hard. Players will need to create and then kill their own Shadow Clone with Simulacrum while fighting Diablo. The easiest way to do this is to use Simulacrum when Diablo begins the animation to enter the second phase of the boss fight. Players should then let their Simulacrum attack the shadow clone created by Diablo, then use Death Nova to kill the shadow clone with the Simulacrum. According to players who have tested it, this will trigger and complete the challenge.

diablo 3 necromancer class gameplay

Master Necromancer

Once players complete all 10 Necromancer challenges, they’ll be given the title of Master Necromancer and Trag’Oul’s Wings as a reward. Make sure to flaunt the wings wherever possible to let other Necromancers know that you are chosen by the dragon, and enjoy one of the coolest cosmetic items available today in Diablo 3.

Diablo 3: Rise of the Necromancer is available now for PS4, Xbox One, and PC.

Source: IGN