The popular point-and-click RPG that everyone is looking forward to, Diablo III will not be making an appearance at German game convention, GamesCom 2011. Highly unusual for a game that’s supposed to be enterting a beta later this year.

Diablo III is undoubtedly a title that many gamers are anticipating. The master of the kill-loot-explore formula has been in development for a long while by Blizzard – and is slowly crawling toward a final release date. A Diablo III beta was announced by Blizzard for Q3 of this year. Although, with no appearance at one of the largest foreign game conventions, is Blizzard keeping their cards close to the chest – to surprise fans or to avoid early media scrutiny?

The Blizzard presence at GamesCom will be more focused on current titles, including showing off StarCraft 2 eSports matching and new World of Warcraft raids. Obviously, the two titles have no problems garnering attention, but fans would probably be much more appreciative regarding new details on Diablo. Most recently, the skillstone feature was discussed – which will allow for much more customization than previously installments.

Although Diablo III won’t be making the appearance at GamesCom this year, absolutely does not mean it will not be showing up at Blizzard’s own convention, aptly named Blizzcon. Tickets have been on sale for a while, but chances of getting one might be very slim. One of the announcements made at the last Blizzcon for Diablo III had to do with the game’s PvP multiplayer.

The trickle of information regarding Diablo III has been steady and each new reveal has been significant from changes to gameplay or the inclusion of brand new features, like the companion system. The final product should be extremely polished and will have people attached to their mouse and keyboards for quite some time. Although, mouse and keyboard might not be the only way to play Diablo III, Blizzard has also talked about the potential for the game to be released on consoles, as well.

Diablo 3 Followers Trailer

Diablo III might very well be done by now – and undergoing final tweaks and clean up. Does that mean the game might very well release this year? Of course not, it’s Blizzard. It’s easy to speculate since the beta that will be going on will be almost exclusively used to further stress-test Battle.NET servers – which will see a huge spike once the game releases at retail.

Diablo III has no official release date but will be coming out for the PC – and maybe Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3.

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