Diablo 3 Followers Trailer

In the realm of computer gaming, Blizzard can do no wrong. It seems that whatever they touch turns to gold, whether it’s World Of Warcraft or Starcraft. Alongside these two series is the long-awaited Diablo 3. Keeping in past form, Blizzard has kept fans waiting for what seems like forever, only divulging information sporadically. Now a brand new gameplay trailer gives not just another look at the finished product, but a few more details on player classes and mechanics.

While gamers have been given quite a bit to look forward to as well as details regarding its finer points like the possibility of a console release, there is still much about the game that remains a mystery, even with the game’s development entering the “home stretch.”

A new trailer for the game may provide some answers regarding one gameplay mystery though. This new trailer illustrates the game’s follower system. Check it out below:


Even though the extent of what is known about the follower system is only what is shown in the trailer, it’s not entirely difficult to make heads or tails of. It seems as if the system will allow the player to recruit different companions who will follow them around, helping them to fight off the hordes of enemies that they are sure to encounter on their adventures.

So far, they seem to follow the role-playing mainstays of ranged magic damage in the form of the enchantress, ranged projectile damage in the form of the scoundrel, and a melee tank, the templar. These followers could definitely add a new level of strategy into the game, for instance, allowing casters with weaker armor to have a personal meat shield to collect the aggro of nearby enemies while assisting with damage output.

While it’s been done in other games, it will be interesting to see how it is implemented in Diablo 3, whether these companions are paid for or met in your travels.

With a beta set to launch in the third quarter of this year, it really does seem that Blizzard is serious about their statement that they expect Diablo 3 to steal users from World Of Warcraft. It will definitely be an exciting time once gamers are able to get their hands on the game and really explore its intricacies. Until then, Blizzard’s constant trickle of new information will have to tide gamers over.

Are you excited to see these followers introduced into the game? How do you think they will be implemented into the gameplay and world?

Diablo 3 will launch on PC and Mac hopefully sometime in 2011 with the possibility of early 2012.

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