Rumors of a console release for the upcoming Diablo 3 have been circling for well over a year now, with no shortage of compelling evidence leading audiences to believe that the Xbox 360 and PS3 were part of Blizzard‘s release plan. During a press conference today at Gamescom 2011, the project’s lead designer explained the steps the developer is taking to make a console release as good as possible. It may not be an outright confirmation that Blizzard will absolutely, positively be bringing Diablo 3 to home consoles as well as the PC next year, but it is the strongest evidence to date.

While many games would be far past the point of considering extra console releases, it’s clear that Blizzard has no reservations about taking their time, even if that means delaying Diablo 3 into 2012. So whether a console release of the game would take place alongside the PC launch, or arrive many months after the fact is a hard thing to predict.

Fans of Diablo 3 know that the developers have never denied that a console version of the upcoming RPG was on their minds, even saying that they were “seriously considering” the proposition. And when Blizzard posted a job listing for console experts a few months ago, it was a foregone conclusion that the development was an eventuality, not just a possibility.

Blizzard has continued to keep quiet and torture console RPG fans around the world,  but at Gamescom this week, Diablo 3 lead designer Josh Mosqueira all but but confirmed that a console release was imminent. According to Eurogamer, Mosqueira explained that the publisher is in the process of building not just a development team, but a group of invested fans to work on a console release of the dungeon-crawler:

“Today, we’re trying to build the best console team at Blizzard. We’re looking for programmers, designers, artists who think their dream job would be to bring Diablo to the console. Trust me, it is a dream job.

“All I can say is it’s going to be awesome. Stay tuned.”

While these statements show that the developer is more committed than ever to bringing Diablo to consoles, skeptics will surely latch onto the consistently ambiguous language being used. Do Mosqueira’s comments mean that Diablo will merely come to home consoles at some point in the future, or within the next year? If Blizzard is still in the process of ‘building’ a team, are console releases anytime soon still a pipe-dream?

As always, there are plenty of reasons to doubt that the dream will become a reality before the next Starcraft expansion is released, but these comments are coming closer and closer to an official confirmation. We’ll keep you updated on any more details.

Diablo 3 is still expected to release sometime in 2012, with a PC beta planned for the end of this year.

Source: Eurogamer