Rumor Patrol: 'Diablo III' Will Be Coming To Consoles

Diablo 3 Coming To Consoles

A job listing on Gamasutra seems to confirm that Blizzard will be creating a console version of Diablo III. The rumor that Diablo III would be coming to consoles isn't new, and Blizzard has previously admitted that they've explored the idea. Perhaps this news could be one of the updates Blizzard planned to offer if the Diablo III Facebook page got one million likes.

The job listing has some pretty stringent prerequisites, including that applicants have a minimum of four years experience in the videogame industry, and have a AAA-title Senior Producer credit. Blizzard has enough justification for the high standards, especially when it comes to bringing the beloved hack/slash/loot franchise to consoles (and finally driving away the memory of the Diablo I port on PSone way back when).

Obviously, now is the time to start thinking about how Blizzard will translate a keyboard/mouse game to a controller. Other RPGs, such as Mass Effect and Dragon Age, have done relatively well in pursuing that line by including submenus that are triggered by power wheels or shoulder buttons. Even a game like Deathspank, which is very reminiscent of  Diablo, has managed to be fun and playable on consoles, without sacrificing the controls.

Diablo III is graphically impressive, as screens of the game attest, but it may not end up having the same kind of oomph on consoles as it will on the PC. Still, with a game like Crysis 2 looking beautiful even on a console, it may not be all that difficult to replicate Diablo's graphics completely.

The decision to create a console version of Diablo III might be why we won't be seeing the title until 2012. But being able to explore dungeons, fight monsters, and gather loot with friends through Xbox LIVE or PSN might be worth waiting for. Game Rant will be bringing you more information on this development, and any other Diablo III news, as it surfaces.

Given the choice, would you prefer to play Diablo III on a console, or a PC? If Diablo III does come to consoles, what other Blizzard games will follow suit?

Diablo III is currently expected to release in 2012 for PC, and possibly Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3.

Source: Gamasutra [via VG 24/7]

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